Cobra King F9 Speedback Hybrid Review

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Cobra’s King F9 Speedback Hybrid features updated tehcnology to provide a low CG and improved turf interaction for more ball speed and maximum distance

Cobra’s Baffler tech has been helping golfers hit better hybrid shots for years. They’re designed to skim over the turf, so you don’t lose club speed or direction from a variety of lies.

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Now, though, the Baffler has been taken to the next level. Cobra’s F9 Speedback hybrid has integrated its Speedback technology with its rails to produce “the highest performing hybrid in its history”. 

A low, back weight structure now sits in between the two rails, which are centred around the club’s center of gravity.

Cobra says: “These technologies fuse to deliver the best combination of low CG and improved turf interaction, increasing ball and club speed to maximise distance from any lie.”

Cobra King F9 Speedback Hybrid Review: TG Verdict

Cobra’s whole King F9 range has excelled in our 2019 test sessions, and the hybrid didn’t let the family down. We love the matt head, and the Ba er rails on the sole which help cut through scraggy lies and make the F9’s mid-wide head shape versatile, but forgiving too.

Our data has the F9 among our most powerful half dozen hybrids of 2019, a superb result when you consider the price.

Best Hybrid 2019

Cobra King F9 hybrid

The Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid is also available as a One Length model, matching a 7-iron’s length and lie angle. It simplifies a player’s game by allowing them to use one repeatable set-up and swing for their irons and hybrids. 

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Cobra King F9 Speedback fairway wood 

“We have seen some golfers put this consistent, easy-to-hit One Length Hybrid in their bag, replacing their more difficult to hit long irons, or even a variable length hybrid. It’s really a great club that golfers can hit consistently, with confidence,” said Jose Miraflor, VP of Marketing at Cobra.

WATCH: Cobra King F9 Speedback Hybrid – everything you need to know

Cobra King F9 Speedback Baffler key tech

Forged stainless steel face

Maximises the amount of flex at impact for increased ball speeds and distance across the entire face.

Cobra King F9 hybrid

High MOI design

Shaping improvements include a 10% larger clubhead compared to KING F8, creating a higher MOI for increased forgiveness. Additionally, the hybrid features a straighter leading edge that allows golfers to align the club to the target similar to how they would with an iron for improved accuracy. 

Back CG location

A fixed, external 15g tungsten weight is positioned low & back, creating a low/deep CG that produces more speed and high, towering ball flights. The 15g weight is interchangeable, allowing golfers to golfers to customise their swing weight.

Cobra King F9 hybrid

Product Information

  • RRP: £179
  • Lofts: 17°, 19°, 21° and 24° (19°, 21° and 24 in One Length)
  • Shafts: Fujikura ATMOS, ATMOS One Length
  • Grip: Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT.

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