Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid Review

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Cobra’s Speedzone Hybrid has a slightly larger than traditional shape to increase forgiveness

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There are two hybrids in Cobra’s latest Speedzone range – a variable length and a one-length option.


Each feature a slightly larger than a traditional hybrid in order to create a higher MOI to help golfers with forgiveness on off-centre hits.

In addition, a two-piece forged E9 face aims to aid ball speed, while a squarer leading edge helps with alignment.

Cobra King Speedzone hybrid

Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid: Key Features

Hollow split rail tech: Offers for more flex at impact than solid rails.

Back weighting: More weight low and back allows for a higher launch with more spin, to flight the ball higher and stop it faster on the green.

Forged E9 Face: The forged, two-piece face is thinner for more ball speed.

New shape: It’s slightly larger than a traditional hybrid, with a square leading edge to improve alignment.

Both models also come with Cobra Connect shot tracking at standard.

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Cobra King Speedzone hybrid

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Product Information

Cobra King SpeedZone Hybrid

RRP: £189
Lofts: 2H (17°), 3H (19°), 4H (21°) and 5h (24°) - variable
Lofts: 2H (19°), 4H (21°) and 5H (24°) - one length
Shaft: UST Recoil 480 ESX

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