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Cobra Golf’s new King RADSPEED hybrids use the same Radial Weighting concept as the brand’s new woods and irons to deliver a perfect combination of high launch, low spin and forgiveness.  

Cobra make both traditional and One-Length (that have the same length shaft as a 7-Iron) RADSPEED hybrids. Here’s how they differ and how to decide which should be in your golf bag.

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Cobra King RADSPEED hybrid


RRP: £189

Lofts:  2H – 17° / 3H – 19° / 4H – 21° / 5H – 24°

Cobra’s King Speedzone was one of our favourite hybrids of 2020 and the new RADSPEED has a very similar mid-wide body design. A straight leading edge is super simple to set up and, because there’s an Arccos shot tracker in the grip, you’ll see how far and where shots go through their app on your smart phone.

Verdict: Cobra King RADSPEED hybrid

Last year’s Speedzone hybrid wasn’t our longest or most forgiving, but thanks to a cute little head shape, and a friendly look at address, we thought it was a solid, reasonably priced option.

Our thinking hasn’t changed in 2021 (see our 2021 Hybrid Test data here). The RAD Speed didn’t rip up any trees in terms of data, but you can’t fail to like it. It breeds confidence and gives the impression it’s not going to let you down, whether from the fairway, rough or on a tee.

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Cobra King RADSPEED One Length hybrid


RRP: £189

Lofts: 3H – 19 / 4H – 21° / 5H – 24°

To ensure golfers can launch a One Length hybrid (that has the same shaft length as a 7-iron) from the turf, the One Length RADSPEED has a slightly larger footprint and very different weight set-up to the standard model.

The idea with One Length is to keep the same swing for all your irons, hybrids and wedges, just like US Open champion and Cobra staffer Bryson DeChambeau.   

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What you need to know about the Cobra King RADSPEED hybrids

Extreme weighting

Radial weighting is a story all about the strategic placement of weight relative to the centre of gravity. Get the set-up right like Cobra say they have and it’s possible to unlock forgiveness, flight direction and, of course, optimal distance for your personal swing.


The RADSPEED has 12g of weight positioned low and forward and a further 7g centrally at the back of the sole. Cobra say the weight set-up creates ultra-low spin for maximum distance, along with an ultra-low centre of gravity for forgiveness.

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Hollow split rails

At one point Cobra’s business was built around Baffler rails. The idea behind the tech was that it lowered the centre of gravity deeper than other brands could manage, which was thanks to the weight that was tied up within them.

The RADSPEED hybrids now have hollow sole rails so Cobra save 10g of weight and increase face flex by 70%, which does no harm in maximising ball speed.


Forged face

There aren’t many hybrids that boast of a forged face, but Cobra’s matching RADSPEED irons have forged faces, so it makes absolute sense to ensure golfers get a similar feel from the hybrids.

Cobra say the RADSPEED face has a variable thickness to increase launch and maximise ball speed no matter where shots are hit.  

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Different One Length weights

Cobra have learned masses about One Length irons over the last few years, so if your game isn’t suited to long irons but you like the idea of One Length clubs then the RADSPEED One Length hybrid is set up perfectly to offer more help with flighting shots to optimise carry distance at the top end of your bag.


The One Length hybrid has up to 95.5% more weight positioned inside (over the standard RADSPEED hybrid), it’s there to help golfers flight shots correctly, as it’s no secret shorter shaft lengths generate less speed and launch.

Got a question about the Cobra King RADSPEED Hybrid? Ask us on Twitter.

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Product Information

Cobra King RADSPEED Hybrid

RRP: £189

Lofts: 2H - 17° / 3H - 19° / 4H - 21° / 5H - 24°

Stock shaft: UST Recoil 480 ESX

Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline with Cobra Connect (powered by Arccos)

Cobra King RADSPEED One Length Hybrid

RRP: £189

Lofts: 3H - 19° / 4H - 21° / 5H - 24°

Stock shaft: UST Recoil 480 ESX

Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline with Cobra Connect (powered by Arccos)

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