Hippo Utility Plus XS Sole Hybrid Review

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  • RRP £69.95

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Once you’ve manipulated your way around the large headcover, you’ll discover the Utility Plus has quite a big head, too (the biggest in our test). This is fine for nipping the ball from a fairway, but stick one in the rough, and you’ll start to see the head tangling in the grass a bit too much. In true HiPPO style, it does work well off a nicely manicured lie and would certainly make your 3-iron a redundant tool in the bag.

Verdict: A club, I think, for use predominantly off a lush lie, or a low tee peg on par threes. Forget it if you want to escape from deep jungle.

Price: £69.95

Contact: 01283 515944
Website: www.hippo-golf.com

Shaft: Graphite only

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Left Handed availableNo
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