Kasco K2K E Spec Hybrid Review

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  • RRP £199.00

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This club produces one of those rare impact noises that just makes your smile. Crack one right out of the middle of the bat and the Kasco sizzles with excitement. This is one for better players, but it would make a lovely addition to a set for the folger who can’t hit a 3-iron for all the port in Portugal!

I first experienced the K2K a few years ago. Unfortunately (for me) I got a battering on the golf course from world number eight, Sophie Gustafson, who consistently fired ball after ball into long par fours and par fives with, y ou guessed it, the K2K.

Since then, the Kasco has been refined and improved and the E-Spec looks lovely behind the ball. The face is relatively long compared to other utility woods and I’m sure this re-enforces its reputation as an easy-to-use club all levels of golfer will enjoy hitting.

Verdict: “One of the top utility woods on the market, even though Kasco are still perceived, especially in the UK, as a golf glove company.”

Price: £199

Contact: 01344 484080
Website: www.kascogolf.com

Shaft: Graphite only

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