Lynx Black Cat Hybrid Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • RRP £139.00

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The Black Cat hybrids are also available in black, blue and red at 20deg & 23deg. They have a sleek low profile design that makes them very easy to hit from tight lies and give a high launch for ultimate control.

Our verdict:

We were hugely impressed with Lynx’s Black Cat driver, but the hybrids red finish makes the club look very different to the matching black driver. The heads got a big wide footprint, which along with its responsive tip shaft makes it really easy and forgiving to launch off the deck. It’s just the red/blue colour scheme of the head and shaft combo came in for some hefty stick. The “superman” colours (as they were referred to by one tester) shouldn’t put anyone off though as the hybrid comes in matt black and it turned in a solid if less explosive performance (2mph slower ball speed and 4yard shorter carry distance than the test average) than the driver.       

Bottom line:

A £139 for a hybrid without any visible adjustable hosel or weighting, seems like quite a bit of cash. There is though a really good quality Grafalloy Blue shaft which don’t come cheap. If you try and like the Black Cat driver we think you’ll like these as well.    

Product Information

Lofts: #3 20deg / #4 23deg

Stock shaft: Grafalloy Prolaunch

Adjustable hosel: No

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