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In theory the MT’s Cup Face 360° technology makes the whole face a sweetspot, but some found it a little too low-flying. Perhaps a higher lofted model would be more suitable for rescue shots.

Carry: 209   Ball speed: 138.2   Launch: 11.4°   Backspin: 4908   Shot height: 83   Looks: 3.5   Fairway: 3.6   Rough: 3.5

2010 Review:

The first thing pro James picked up on was the shorter shaft, designed to give you a little more control. This did cost him a couple of yards of distance but he felt it was one of the most forgiving on test and was also pleased with the level of feel he got. Conversely, Chris commented that he got good results without any real level of feel but David rated this
highly and his distance and dispersion stats backed this up.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 3.6   Forgiveness: 4   Rough: 3.6   Distance: 4.3   Dispersion: 4.4

The MacGregor MT Hybrid features and delivers all the benefits of the Cup Face 360° Technology and are constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and have a slightly deeper face than with long irons for more confidence as address.

Almost all other hybrids have inserts, which reduce performance in off-centre hits. The 360°club face has no inserts or face welds which means the entire club face of the MT Hybrid is the sweet spot.

Fitted as standard with the new MacGregor Tour Lamkin shaft in A, R & S flex options and to complete the perfect set-up a special Lamkin MacGregor Crossline grip is fitted and comes in custom sizing.

The MacGregor MT Hybrid is available in three different lofts: 17°, 20°, 23°, 26°, 29°

Contact: or 01480 308 800

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