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Mizuno’s CLK is a cracking little mid-width hybrid with a really neat, compact appearanc

*Mizuno have recently launched a new version for 2020 of their CLK Hybrid

Mizuno’s CLK hybrid has a wave sole which pushes mass low and closer to the face for higher launching, lower spinning shots.

An ultra-thin maraging 1770 steel face is fast and forgiving and Mizuno say the CLKs versatile profile sits right between a long iron and fairway wood. An eight position hosel and 4 loft options offer 32 set up options, which should mean everyone can find a solution in the CLK family.   

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Mizuno CLK hybrid

Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review: We say

Ever since hybrids first became popular their purpose of delivering extra playability and function over long irons has dictated how they’ve come with some pretty funky head shapes. We can’t think of another hybrid like the CLK that we’d describe as being cute. Yes it’s a compact head, which will be intimidating for some, but thanks to the CLKs cheekiness we were drawn into hitting tons of different types of shots, which we reckon adds a good degree of versatility on the golf course. 

We love how like the Mizuno woods the crown paint line is kept back from the top edge making the face appear bigger than it actually is. 

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Mizuno CLK heads 

Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review: Verdict

The CLK is a cracking little mid-width hybrid with a really neat, compact appearance. It’s cheeky little head drew us into attempting lots of different types of shots which says it’s a really versatile option, and our test pro was really impressed at how shots zzed o the face like a fairway wood.

The stock Fujikura Speeder shaft is pretty stout and low launching, so if you’re an average swing speed player it would be well worth checking its suitably with Mizuno’s DNA swing analyser. All-in-all a lovely hybrid, and thanks to the eight-position hosel and four lofts there’s 32 set-up options, so everyone can find a solution in the CLK family.

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Product Information

  • Lofts: #2 - 16° / #3 – 19° / #4 - 22° / #5 - 25°
  • Stock shaft: Fujikura Speeder Evolution HB
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes
  • How much loft change: +/- 2°
  • Body type: Mid


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