Mizuno JPX800 Hybrid Review

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    This is one for bombing off the tee.

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    The head shape and two-tone crown didn't appeal.

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Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2011

Tested: July 2011
Testing panel:
Chris Ryan (Belfry Pro)
Leon Iacono (HCP 4)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Ben Miles (HCP 17)

This is one for bombing off the tee according to Leon while Chris felt it was better from the fairway and the rough, commenting on the high flight and ease of use. He also said the head shape and two-tone crown didn’t appeal, but he felt it would help higher handicappers frame the ball and position it in their stance. Ben liked the head profile, insisting it gave him confidence over the ball. Dave doubted it could be any more forgiving on mishits and thought it was brilliant from the fairway.

Distance: 3.9
Dispersion: 3.8
Looks: 2.9 
Feel: 4
Forgiveness: 4 
Fairway: 4 
Tee: 3.8
Rough: 3.6

Mizuno have also catered for the majority of us with the launch of the new JPX-800 hybrid, which is considerably bigger than the MP-CLK. It features the new Ultimate Dynamic Stability innovation that helps produce high ball speeds off a wide area of spots on the clubface, meaning great distance even on off-centre hits – great news for the majority of high-handicappers. Stability has been increased on both the vertical and horizontal axis, which enlarges the size of the sweetspot. Both the JPX-800 and the MP-CLK are cracking clubs but to see which one works for you, visit Mizuno's website.

www.mizunogolf.eu or 0800 328 0180

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  • 4 out of 5 JPX 800 Hybrid

    By roy.w1ls0n@btopenworld.com

     Nothing fancy, however it works from everywhere, forgiving and long, try it !