Nicklaus Golf Air Draw Hybrid Review

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Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2011

Tested: July 2011
Testing panel:
Chris Ryan (Belfry Pro)
Leon Iacono (HCP 4)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Ben Miles (HCP 17)

The very thin grip was universally disliked but our testers said this performed better than it felt. Chris said the straight face was different to a lot of others on test.

Distance: 2.9
Dispersion: 4
Looks: 2.9
Feel: 2.3
Fairway: 3
Rough: 2.6

The Nicklaus Air Draw Golf Hybrid has minimal offset, so it’s easier to align and it has an iron-like face for better alignment. These benefits make it a lot easier to hit your golf ball correctly, ideal for mid-high handicap golfers and the beautiful black PVD cosmetics are a pleasure to stand over at address.

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Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableYes
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