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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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TG Hybrid Test 2012 - Bronze Award

According to our team this felt like one of the most powerful clubs on test – and the performance statistics backed that up with a score of 5/5 on distance. Single-fi gure player Alan said the clubhead was on the large side and that put him o out of rough but elsewhere he insisted this was a top performer. David agreed, saying the size was more like a 5-wood but loved the feel, distance and control.It was by no means Peter’s straightest club and he admitted to struggling to control his ball flight but he still suggested this was among his favourite clubs due to its all-round performance and versatility.

Pro verdict: This is a little different to what I usually like. It is bigger, but it really worked well. I liked the deep head and the fact it felt solid off the face as well as coming off quickly. The only issue for me was the curved sole and leading edge, which was excellent out of rough but could lack consistency off tight fairway lies.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 4.4
Feel: 4.5
Fairway: 4.0
Rough: 3.9
Distance: 5.0
Dispersion: 4.0

First Hit Test

Nike’s VR_S wood range is all about generating maximum speed and that translates to distance – but it’s not just about raw power. We hear a lot about distance gapping towards the shorter clubs in our bag – what wedge combination best complements your irons, for example.

But these days, the growth of the hybrid is something that all of us will have encountered at some point. Manufacturers seem to be going down the route of offering golfers sets from 5-iron up to pitching wedge, rather than 3-iron through to PW.

The idea behind this is that you buy hybrids or rescue clubs that replace the  traditionally harder-to-hit long irons, which is all well and good. But only if you get a set of hybrids that work well between your longest traditional iron and shortest traditional wood.

Nike’s VR_S hybrids are an impressive addition to the market in recent months. By using Nike’s new NexCOR face technology, golfers can generate more speed off all areas of the face.

The award winning Nike VRS Hybrid Club is the fastest, longest hybrid Nike have ever produced and outperforms all others by combining two big advantages - it launches easier and flies farther.

As part of the longest family Nike have ever created, the VR_S Hybrid uses powerful 'NexCOR' face technology, a super-slippery aerodynamic head and a state-of-the-art Fubuki graphite shaft in the relentless pursuit of speed and distance.

Nike's amazing 'NexCOR' technology features in the face of the VR_S hybrid club and uses a multi-thickness design, where the face is thickest in the middle and gets thinner towards the perimeter. This extra speed at impact results in more distance.
The shallow faced club head has been aerodynamically sculpted to glide through the air with the least possible resistance, delivering the performance of a fairway wood with the accuracy and scoring ability of an iron.

The majority of golfers strike the ball low on the face. Nike have therefore moved the weld that joins the face and body of the club and positioned in on the sole to create 'L-Face Technology', giving you extra speed and distance even on your mis-hit shots.

Named after the Japanese word for blizzard, the famous Mitsubishi Rayon 'Fubuki' graphite shaft now comes with a Power 'Ninja' Core to transfer even more energy to the clubhead. Fitted to each Nike VR_S hybrid club, this shaft delivers the very best in distance, consistency and accuracy.

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