Palm Springs 2EZ Hybrid Review

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  • TG Rating 3.5 out of 5
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  • RRP £19.99

What we say...

Our amateur testers hadn’t come across this brand before but they were quite taken with it. Pro James and Mark really liked the “meaty” feeling, saying it felt quite weighty in their hands. It was also one of the longest and straightest for Mark which he attributed to the weight but it wasn’t one of the better performers for any of our other testers while the angular look didn’t win too many admirers.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 2.8   Forgiveness: 3.8   Rough: 3.9   Distance: 3.6   Dispersion: 3.9

The Palm Springs 2EZ Hybrid is versatile and forgiving. It gives you the chance to lose your harder to hit longer irons for confidence to attack any green.

Low profile sole reduces the risk of twisting on turf, making it ideal from semi-rough. Low centre of gravity punches ball into the air for a longer, straighter flight. 

Groundbreaking 'dual-channel' sole - ensures a square face at impact, removing the possibility of twisting and skewing, as well as parting the grass for a clean crisp impact with the ball.

The Palm Springs 2EZ Hybrid is available in three different lofts: 18°, 21°, 24° Steel head, steel and graphite shafts, ladies, gents, LH, RH.

Contact: or 01527 598 388

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