Ping G25 Hybrid Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating Not yet rated
  • Pros

    A better player look with game improver forgiveness. Minimal offset, responsive off the face, easy to shape.

  • Cons

    Launched quite low for some of the testers. Higher swing speeds didn’t get the distance gains of others.

  • RRP £170.00

What we say...

The Ping G25 won a Silver award in the Hybrids Test 2014, on top of its Bronze award in 2013 – click here to read our full 2014 Test review. 

2013 Hybrids Test

As usual the matt black finish was universally liked. James would never have associated a lack of offset with the G25 when you consider how much the range is geared toward the game improver. The head shape is compact and, for him, it looked like a better player’s club. He loved the two-tone design on the head separating the front of the crown from the rest and found it sat very easily behind the ball, was easy to align due to the grooves and impressive overall.

Matt noted how easy it looked to hit because of the design and the way it sat at address. The feel was one of a quality product and forgiveness levels were sky high. Antony liked what appeared to be a low profile, making shots off the tight lie from the matt simple to execute. He was a little perturbed by the lack of alignment aid but liked everything else. This was James’ straightest hybrid on test scoring maximum marks for dispersion. It was Antony’s second longest but also scored 9/10 for dispersion. For Matt, it was his longest and straightest hybrid on test on average. A deserving winner.

External sole weighting positions the centre of gravity low and back for optimising launch and spin while raising the moment of inertia. Progressive CG locations in each club optimise launch angle and spin rate in each club. 

The G20 hybrids worked a treat, and sold well, but they did look far from conventional which put some golfers off. The G25 hybrids, however, feature a design more familiar with a traditional looking hybrid, but with all the gameimprovement properties you’d expect from a rescue club in this range. The CG position is lower and further back in the lower-lofted versions, and progress as the lofts get higher to minimise spin and the ball ballooning.

Lofts: 17°, 20°, 23°, 27°, 31°


Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
Forgiveness levelHigh
Lofts17.0°, 20.0°, 23.0°, 27.0°, 31.0°

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