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It’s a RESCUE Mid with a straight top edge rather than a curved one! You have to admit that, cosmetically at least, there are similarities. The Progress is Progens take on the long iron alternative and think this club will suit a lot of mid-to-high handicappers who are seeking consistency.

It feels relatively light to swing and this was something I liked. Some utility woods use extra weight to scoop a ball from a difficult lie, but I’ve always preferred the element of control you get with a lighter head.

This is a multi-functional golf club. It’s great off a tee, fairway lie or from light rough and the mid-kickpoint shaft helps to get the ball airborne well, but without it disappearing high into the clouds. Progen’s reuputation for functional equipment is well established and will only be enhanced by the Progress.

Verdict: “Progen have made themselves a name for designing easy-to-use utilities. The Progress makes further ‘progress’ into this area of the game. Looks like a TaylorMade rescue Mid from above, which is no bad thing!”

Price: £69.95

Contact: 0113 38 777 00

Shaft: graphite only

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Left Handed availableNo
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