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In a test like this there is always a shining example of a club that you think you could sell for more than its suggested price. This month it’s the turn of the FX Recovery from Ram. For £40 this rescue wood is a steal. The shaft is the shortest in our test, making it very playable for high handicappers and beginners. But because the head is quite compact, it will also do a great job of firing a ball towards the hole a hell of a lot easier than a 3-iron.

My advice to high handicappers: bin your 3-iron and go for one of these. For £40 what have you got to lose? Mid to low handicappers will want a club that offers more feedback and perhaps slightly more distance (this club was the shortest in our test) but novices won’t give a stuff for 10 extra yards – as long as it’s straight. And I, for one, agree with them.

Verdict: “Excellent price and should be a winner in the beginner/high handicapper end of the market. Wave goodbye to your 3-iron if you buy this club.”

Price: £39.99

Contact: 01895 813613
Website: www.ramgolf.co.uk

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