Snake Eyes Quickstrike Hybrid Review

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Both Mark and Chris loved the feel off the face and both commented on the high ball flight they got with the Quickstrike.
Chris said the ball just seemed to keep flying for ages. This meant it was right up there for distance in the hands of all four testers and it was no slouch when it came to dispersion either. Pro James thought it sat a little open at address which he said would suit some players but put others off while both David and Mark thought it felt more like a 5-wood than a hybrid. Great performer.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 4   Forgiveness: 4.4   Rough: 4.1   Distance: 4.5   Dispersion: 4

The Snake Eyes Quickstrike Hybrid won a silver award in issue 271 of Today's Golfer, and is available in five separate lofts: 15°, 19°, 23°, 27°, 31°

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