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Titleist's 818 H1 Hybrid has been designed for golfers who have a sweeping delivery to the ball and prefer the look of a fairway wood.

The new Titleist 818 hybrids incorporate tour-proven Titleist driver technology to create the longest, most accurate Titleist hybrids ever – providing dedicated golfers with the performance and fitting precision for improved long-game shotmaking.

The larger profile of Titleist's 818 H1 hybrid provides high launch, effortless distance and tremendous forgiveness. Available in 19o, 21o, 23o, 25o and 27o lofts. 

The 818 H1 has a confidence-inspiring pear profile (larger than 818H2, but sleeker than 816H1) with a slight face progression for golfers that need enhanced launch and prefer a fairway metal look.

Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing at Titleist, says "We define hybrids as scoring clubs, not rescue clubs. That's how our R&D group has been designing these clubs for years, and it's the reason Titleist has become the clear #1 hybrid on the PGA Tour."

"The amount of technology we've engineered into 818 is unprecedented for the hybrid category, and will give golfers at every level the confidence to take dead aim from distances they never have before."

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid Review: You Should Know

High launch, easy distance and tremendous forgiveness say Titleist.  For golfers who sweep shots off the fairway and prefer the look of a fairway wood. A 2nd generation “Active Recoil Channel” in the sole maximises ball speeds, and a SureFit CG cartridge allows precise CG positioning to optimise spin, trajectory and dispersion. MOI (forgiveness) is 10% higher than Titleist’s previous 816 hybrids.    

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Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid Review: We say

Compared to some of the hybrids on test the H1 is positively minimalistic, as there’s absolutely no graphics or alignment aid on the crown. Some will argue an alignment aid would help ordinary golfers set up correctly and impact shots closer to the centre of the face more often, but two testers really appreciated the simple wide body look.

Titleist reckon they’ve done tons of work optimising the H1s Active Recoil Channel tech and we’d agree shots ping off the face feeling lively, generating a lovely impact sensation particularly at average swing speeds. Data wise the H1 put in a solid on average performance across the board for our test pro (who prefers wider body hybrids) and Simon, which says to us it’s well equipped to perform for a wide variety of golfers.  

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid Review: Verdict

The most expensive hybrid we tested, which you probably wouldn’t spot from looking at our data alone. If you can warrant spending over £250 on a hybrid, please make sure you get it properly fitted, Titleist offer a fantastic range of premium shafts to tailor performance very much to your own game.   

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Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid: Key Features

Active Recoil Channel

Generates faster ball speeds across the face through its improved channel design and flexing polymer insert, producing a significant advantage in distance.

New surefit CG technology

In combination with Titleist's industry-leading adjustable SureFit Hosel, provides the ultimate in precision fitting and maximum shot-shape customisation for every player. The proprietary 16-setting SureFit Hosel allows golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimise ball flight and turf interaction for consistent centre-face contact, maximum distance, and improved shot control.

SureFit CG provides precise customisation through a highly efficient interchangeable weight system, optimising spin for a more consistent trajectory and tighter shot dispersion.

High MOI design

With a 10 percent higher MOI than the prior generation – increases speed across the face for more forgiveness on off-centre hits, while the optimally positioned, deep centre of gravity increases launch and trajectory for more shot-stopping control.

Premium Stock Shafts

818's high-performance stock shaft matrix features premium aftermarket options from the Mitsubishi, Aldila and Project X shaft brands that fit a wide range of players and swing speeds. Titleist will be the first manufacturer to offer each of these tour-proven hybrid shaft models:

Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid Availability

Fittings for new Titleist 818 hybrids begin mid-Sept.

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Sept. 29.


Product Information

  • Lofts: 19deg, 21deg, 23deg, 25deg, 27deg
  • Stock shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei Red / Blue / White, Aldila Rogue MAX, Project X Even Flow Blue
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes
  • How much loft change: +/- 1deg
  • Body type: Wide


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