Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Hybrid Review

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We can see what Tour Edge has done with this golf club, but we’re not sure it makes the game any more fun. Basically, it’s an iron with a rescue body welded to the back to make it more forgiving.

The shaft is about two inches shorter than most, which adds confidence, but our fear is that for every golfer who loves the design there will be eight or nine who hate it. A tricky one to call, but we reckon a standard set of irons and a couple of rescues in place of the 3 and 4-iron are more effective.

The large steel clubhead and 120g sole make hitting shots easier.
Lofts: 16°-60°
Left-handed: Yes

Contact: 001 630 584 4777

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Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableNo
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