Wilson Staff Deep Red Utility Hybrid Review

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  • A lower centre of gravity combined with a larger sweetspot makes the Deep Red hybrid much easier to use than traditional long irons.

  • A contoured sole plate has been designed on the forgiving Stainless Steel head to create versatility, allowing the club to be played from virtually any lie.

  • The centre of gravity has been moved further back compared to that of a conventional long iron for a higher MOI (Moment Of Inertia). This provides more stability on off centre strikes for less club head twisting and results in more accuracy.

  • A low centre of gravity makes it dramatically easier to get the ball in the air than a long-iron, equaling consistently higher, longer shots.

  • Fitted with a high quality, low torque Wilson Deep Red graphite shaft for the maximum distance with consistency.

  • Please note that no headcover is supplied with this club.

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