Yonex EZone XPG Hybrid Review

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The XPG has a carbon fiber crown to allow maximum weight to be removed from above the ball’s centre and be positioned below it, creating what Yonex call an ultra low and deep centre of gravity. A new counter-balanced shaft and grip help position mass at the head end to increase your club speed.

Our verdict:

A wide body hybrid that’s been designed to fly high and be forgiving, which for the vast majority of golfers is exactly what they need. Whilst we like the concept of Yonex’s Dual Tungsten Power system it did throw up a few inconsistencies. Mainly because the system works best for rhythmic swings, so when shots are timed nicely they fly really well but two testers saw big drop offs when shots were miss timed.  Look at the good shots and ball speeds and carry distances are right amongst the very best, but with the largest carry distance drop off over 21 yards it would make playing with the XPG a bit unpredictable. 

Yonex Ezone XPG Hybrid

Bottom line:

Very capable of putting in a great performance for those with smooth rhythmic swings. We reckon Yonex, Srixon and Ping are onto something with their counter balancing concepts. Just make sure the balance set up suits your particular swing type before taking the plunge.  

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Product Information


Lofts: #3/19deg, #4/22deg, #5/25deg 

Stock shaft: Yonex EX310

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 1.5deg

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