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Callaway's new JAWS MD5 wedges feature their most aggressive groove technology to date, built for greater spin and control around the greens

Callaway say the grooves on their new JAWS MD5 wedges are the most aggressive in the game, and produce more spin over the previous MD4 thanks to a new wall design that is 32º greater in angle than the previous model. 


MD5 Jaws

Designed by Callaway Golf Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland and his extensive R&D team, the grooves on the JAWS MD5 wedges have a tighter edge radius to create more spin and are more of a V shape to help increase the friction between club and ball for more control on shots from 80 yards and in.

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groove wall tech

In addition to the new groove shape and angle, Callaway have once again utilised their groove-in-groove technology for added friction and greater spin with a lower launch angle, by creating three raised micro-ridges between each groove. These milled Micro-Positive grooves are placed in the flat parts of the face, providing 84 different contact points to promote added grip and increase spin throughout this wedge.

In player testing, Callaway found that the proprietary groove technology in their new Jaws MD5 wedges resulted in a 500rpm increase in spin (11%), and a lower launch angle by 1º, combining for greater control for the player preferred "one hop and stop" trajectory. 

Jaws MD5 further combined their innovative groove design with perfecting the meticulous manufacturing process used to render it, which is dramatically different from the MD4. In the new wedges, the walls, edges and angles are milled into the face with extreme precision to achieve the sharpest edges and tightest tolerances ever achieved by Callaway.

Furthermore, Callaway have updated the shaping on their wedges, producing a small head in the lower lofts (46º-56º) to help fit in to your club set. The leading edge is also progressive, and little bit straighter than the MD4 (a bigger radius), which gets tighter as you go up in loft to help keep the leading edge under the ball.

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Callaway Jaws MD5 wedge

There are new additional options with the Jaws MD5 wedges. A new low bounce W-Grind has a more forgiving shape and a tighter radius front to back with a narrower heel (by 4º) to allow players to open up the face while still having the leading edge under the ball on tight lies. The C-Grind, aimed at the better player, has also been updated with a lower, bounce angle, widening of the middle section of the sole and increased heel relief for more versatility.

Fact: Creating the grooves takes 10 minutes per club (in addition to the micro-positive groves), and they change the cutter every 15 wedges. 

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Verdict: Callaway Jaws MD5 wedge

We can’t quite work out how Callaway get away with the micro-protrusions on the face of the Jaws wedges, which push the rules to the absolute limit. Run an index finger over the face and you get an instant idea how they’ll help impart spin.

We weren’t massive fans of the previous MD4 wedges as the toe was very rounded, which drew the eye unnecessarily. But MD5 is much more attractively shaped and desirable.

Being a tour-style wedge, Jaws has a very sharp leading edge which calls for precise and accurate ball striking, especially on damp turf or sand. In the wrong hands, sharp edges increase the likelihood of heavy and fat shots. Jaws is a really good-looking wedge with plenty of modern spin tech, and it will be most at home in the hands of above-average golfers.

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Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge: Key Features

RRP: £149

Jaws Groove Design
The Jaws MD5 features Callaway's proprietary new Jaws groove designed to a 37º wall angle, an extreme difference vs. the 5º used in MD4. This elevates the groove-edge sharpness to a new level, for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies. JAWS grooves are particularly effective from 80 yards and in, producing a player preferred "one hop and stop" trajectory.

Groove-in-Groove Technology
Three milled Micro-Positive grooves are placed in the flat parts of the face between each groove for added surface roughness and grip. 

Not Just High Spin, Consistent Spin
Each JAWS groove is rendered to the tightest tolerances Callaway have ever achieved, promoting consistent spin rates from shot to shot. 

Unparalleled Feel Unique to Callaway Wedges
JAWS MD5 is constructed from 8620 mild carbon steel and the Center of Gravity of the wedges is precisely placed to create a soft, yet substantial feel.

md5 jaws

New Low-bounce W-Grind and Updated C-Grind
The new Low-bounce W Grind is a direct result of Tour player feedback. Tour pros asked for a new grind that delivers increased playability around the green while still allowing them to employ the sole's entire bounce on full shots. Roger answered by increasing the sole-taper and heel relief. The new W Grind is available in two lofts: 58º and 60º.

Callaway also updated their C-grind to increase versatility around the green by reducing the
bounce angle, widening the middle section of the sole and increasing the heel relief.
• Available in 54º, 56º, 58º and 60º lofts.
• Additional grind options include S (in every loft) and X (58º and 60º) and a higher
bounce W Grind (50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º and 60º).

Callaway Customs Options
JAWS MD5 will be available in Callaway Customs with 10 color zones and new medallion paint-fill color options and stamping choices, giving golfers more ways than ever to personalise each wedge.

Premium Components
• Lofts: 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 64 degrees
- The 46º to 52º are slightly smaller compared to wedges lofted 54º and above, to create a natural shape-progression from the short-irons (8- and 9-) to the highest lofted wedges
• Finish options: Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey
.• Stock shaft options include True Temper Tour Issue 115 (steel) and Project X Catalyst 80 (graphite).
• Stock grip is Lamkin's UTX in black/blue.
• Women's stock options are UST
• Recoil Wedge shaft (graphite) and Lamkin's women's Comfort Grip in black/blue.

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