Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Extremely forgiving.
    • Brilliant for club golfers who use cavity back irons.
    • Sole grind and bounce choices are simplified by loft.
  • Cons
    • The heads are a little larger than Cleveland's tour level RTX ZipCore.
  • RRP £139.99

What we say...

Thanks to a low-density aluminium core Cleveland’s cavity back CBX ZipCore wedge delivers a significant gain in MOI forgiveness.

Ever since the original Cleveland CBX wedge (there was also a 2nd generation CBX2) hit the market in 2017 here at TG we’ve trumpeted the benefits of cavity back wedges for club golfers. Our thinking comes down to club golfers not suddenly becoming tour pro’s when pulling a wedge from their bag.

So, if you play cavity back irons it’s highly likely you’ll benefit from cavity wedges too, as their slightly lighter shaft and swingweights are more closely matched to your iron set. The idea eliminates big feel and performance gaps between your wedges and irons which naturally improves consistency and predictability, which of course also leads to shaving shots from your game.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cleveland’s CBX ZipCore wedges.     

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The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

What you need to know about the Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedges

There’s aluminium inside

Just like the Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges inside the heel sits a lightweight, low density aluminium pad, which frees up inefficient mass. By redistributing that mass Cleveland’s engineers have optimised the centre of gravity for the slightly toe side strike of amateur golfers.

The aluminium ZipCore means the CBX boasts of 26% more High-Low MOI and 10% more forgiveness from Heel-Toe, which of course boosts consistency, predictability and accuracy on the golf course.   

Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge tech

Get into the groove

Cleveland’s heritage is wedges, which means they know a ton about maximising stopping power and rinsing extra performance from every last detail. The CBX ZipCore groove configuration is exactly the same as the brands tour level RTX ZipCore wedge.

Each groove is closer together (7.4%) which makes it possible to include two more grooves per face. The grooves are deeper (7.4%), so are better at channelling away debris, as well as being 11% sharper to maximise spin on every shot.

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Don’t stress about sole grinds and bounce angles

Cleveland have been fitting wedges to golfers since 1979 so they’re well aware which sole grind configurations work best for the vast majority of golfers. Cleveland’s engineers have cleverly used all that knowledge to create a progressive sole system which takes the stress and confusion out of choosing which best suits you.

You’ll find the CBX’s lower lofts (44° – 52°) have V-Shaped sole grinds, where the predominantly bunker focused 54° and 56° models are S-Shaped. The higher lofted lob wedges (58° – 60°) have a versatile C-Shape sole, so golfers get the performance they need from every situation.   

The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge Tech

Hollow cavity performance with good feel

Inside the heel a hollow chamber frees up additional inefficient weight. The idea helps create a more forgiving wedge no matter where you hit shots on the face. Cleveland say a soft, vibration absorbing Gelback tunes sound/feel and manages vibration, so theres no loss of feel.

Mind the gap

As iron lofts have strengthened over the years golfers have readily taken to using gap wedges matched to their irons.

Cleveland rightly point out though their new 44° CBX ZipCore loft will out perform gap wedges matched to any mid/high handicap iron set. And that’s because golfers get a precision CNC Milled face and grooves with the CBX which isn’t the case with most irons in the category.

Our advice is to give some serious thought to switching out a stock Gap Wedge for a 44° CBX ZipCore if you find yourself getting fitted anytime soon.   

The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Gap Wedge

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Details: Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge

RRP: £139.99 (steel) £149.99 (graphite)

Lofts: 44° – 60° in 2° increments

Sole Grinds/Lofts:

44° – 52° V-Shaped Sole

54° – 56° S-Shaped Sole

58° – 60° C-Shaped Sole

Stock shafts:

True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Spinner Tour Issue (steel – 116g)

Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner (graphite – 84g)

Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

Verdict: Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge

What Cleveland have achieved with their cavity back CBX wedges, which are aimed squarely at club golfers, since their launch in 2017 is quite remarkable. We’ve heard several times over the last few years how other brands are now pitching new wedge models in as having cavity backs, they’re doing that because they’ve realised there’s a healthy appetite for wedges matched in weight and performance to club golfers cavity back irons.     

We’ve seen enough over the years to say CBX should be the starting point for club golfers looking to buy new wedges. If you use cavity back irons and can accept cavity back wedges you really are doing yourself a favour. Your short game and bunker play will thank you for it. Cleveland cavity back wedges are as good as the category gets. If though you struggle getting your head round using cavity back wedges Cleveland also a have brilliant line-up of tour level RTX wedges, that’s the genius part of their two-model thinking.    

The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge Tech

Our 2022 wedge test data might not instantly highlight the CBX as our pro’s top performing model, but it’s important to remember the wider sole and slightly higher bounce (which impeded our pro’s typical strike), are just the attributes that help club golfers neutralise the effects of off-centre hits and less perfect strikes.

A lovely shaped and intelligent wedge choice for lots of club golfers.     

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Cleveland on the CBX ZipCore wedges – Joe Miller, Product Expert at Cleveland Golf Europe

If you play cavity back irons, you should be playing CBX wedges, plain and simple.

The sole is more forgiving, the face is more forgiving and they’re easier to swing.

We’ve included all the same technology and spin performance that we offer to our tour staff, it’s tour technology built into a wedge for real golfers.

Specs: Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge Specs


Simon Daddow

Simon Daddow is the Equipment Editor at

Simon has worked in the golf industry for 30 years. Starting out as trainee professional at Downes Crediton GC where he learned the art of golf club making, before going onto work for Clubhaus Plc and Tony Charles Ltd as a golf club maker, and running Product Development at Benross Golf.

Joining EMAP Active (now Bauer Media) in 2006 as Equipment Editor Simon has worked for Today’s Golfer and Golf World magazines and the Today’s Golfer website.

Simon is 47 years old, he’s played golf for 41 years and plays to a handicap of 10. A lack of club speed means he’s short off the tee, but very handy from 125 yards and in.

He uses a Callaway Rogue ST Max driver, PXG 0341 X Gen4 3-Wood, PXG 0341 X Gen4 7-wood, PXG 0317 X Gen2 hybrid, Callaway Rogue X irons (6 – PW), Cleveland CBX2 wedges (52°, 58°), Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter and a TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball.


Product Information

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

RRP: £139.99 (steel) £149.99 (graphite)

Lofts: 44° – 60° in 2° increments

Sole Grinds/Lofts:

44° – 52° V-Shaped Sole

54° – 56° S-Shaped Sole

58° – 60° C-Shaped Sole

Stock shafts:

True Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Spinner Tour Issue (steel – 116g)

True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 Wedge Shaft

Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner (graphite – 84g)

The Project X Catalyst Spinner Wedge Shaft

Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Visit the CBX ZipCore page on Cleveland's website here

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