Mizuno MP T-4 Series Wedge Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating Not yet rated
  • Pros

    Soft feel on a compact, sleek wedge

  • Cons

    Not overly versatile or spinny

  • RRP £100.00

What we say...

Mizuno's wedges have been seriously impressive in the past few years, so the new MP-T4 model comes with a huge weight of expectation. Comes in new Raw Black finish for 2014. By working with their Tour players, Mizuno engineers have designed a wedge that features a sole grind with softer edges. The teardrop profile was modified so golfers could generate a more consistent turf interaction. “One thing we found from our pros was that if anything the relief on many Tour wedges was too severe for them,” said Chris Voshall, from the R&D team. “Just like the rest of us, they need the bounce of the sole to help out from time to time. A really sharp relief can be punishing if the short game isn’t firing on all cylinders. So from experience, most of our pros have leaned back towards a more gentle sole profile,” he added. In addition to the modified sole, the MP-T4 wedges feature a full-length slot which allows mass to be distributed into the sole and the upper portion of the blade, which helps to nip the ball off the turf while ensuring it doesn’t balloon off the face. There’s also a good story when it comes to the grooves – in the higher-lofted wedges, a wider groove is used to increase traction on shorter shots, while on the wedges with lofts of 50-54° the QUAD CUT grooves are narrower and deeper.

As reviewed in our 2014 Wedges Test:
Quality of the quad-cut grooves is obvious. The raw black is a tasteful finish, if lacking durability over the white satin. Sole shape limits versatility. Feels soft off the face, but created average spin levels on partial pitches. Felt like the wide, flat sole reduced turf interaction and helped pick the ball off cleanly. One of the more compact models, but we would have liked more heel relief for the finesse greenside shots. Lovely feel when struck pure. Wider sole in the higher lofts enhanced performance.

As reviewed in our 2013 Wedges Test: The unique finish on these wedges appealed to James, but Joel wasn’t quite so keen. James noted how the grooves looked really clean cut and that the blade went through the different grass conditions nicely. Both he and Kit agreed this was an extremely versatile wedge and though Chris wasn’t so sure, he found he was extremely consistent, hitting eight chip shots to within a two-foot radius. Kit said this was one of the best wedges for him from sand, splashing out close to the flag with regularity. All testers acknowledged the soft feel synonymous with the Mizuno brand, saying this combined with ample spin made it one of the most controllable wedges on test.

As reviewed in our 2012 Wedges Test: There are some noticeable differences between the T-1 and T-4. The sole grind in the heel and the toe has been made smoother, while the leading edge is more bevelled to prevent it digging into the turf at impact – a direct result of feedback from their Tour pros. Another change is the full-length slot in the rear of the head which means the ball can be picked off tight lies and maintains the lower, more penetrating flight many better players seek.


Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
FinishesWhite satin or black nickel
Lofts50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°

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