Titleist Vokey Design 200 Series Wedges Review

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Vokey Design 200 Series wedges feature a classic teardrop profile with a high toe and shallow heel. Available in pitching, gap and lob wedge models from 48 to 60 degrees, the 200 Series comes in two distinct finishes and a broad range of loft, sole and bounce configurations. Vokey Design 200 Series Tour Chrome™ wedges provide a classic chrome finish with a Tour-preferred, reduced glare satin appearance. Vokey Design 200 Series wedges with the Oil Can finish is cosmetically unique due to the hot oil oxide process that wears off over time, leaving a soft feeling wedge with a raw finish.

Multiple sole and bounce configurations provide playability options for preferred shot type, swing type and course conditions.

8620 mild carbon steel with Tour Chrome and Oil Can finishes for soft, solid feel.

High-performance, tour-validated wedges with classic teardrop shapes, high toe peaks and shallow heels for players seeking to optimise performance into and around the greens.

Web: www.titleist.co.uk

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