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Oct 2012 – First Hit

Titleist’s Vokey wedges are top notch – that’s why they’re in the bags of the world’s best players and sell so well — but their Wedgeworks offering is not as well known.

So what is it? It’s the personal workshop of Vokey, where the man himself and his team of artists build one-of-a-kind wedges. It’s the same place where Rory McIlroy has ‘RORS’ stamped onto his short-game sticks and where anyone who orders a personalised wedge will have their club made.

After choosing the Wedgeworks exclusive TVD (Tour Van Design) or 200 Series head and selecting your loft and bounce, you can then personalise it with various initials, lettering, logos and paint-fill colours.

There is an argument that this is for golfers with sizeable egos as well as wallets and it is true that none of this will improve performance. But Wedgeworks also offers you the choice of a number of shafts, grips and even customisable swing weights for the perfect fit.

Prices range from £117 up to £162, which may be a lot to pay for a wedge, but if you are the type of player who likes to use something a little different, then it is worth the outlay.

Pros: Great-looking one-off designs and the only place to get the TVD head.
Cons: The price is more than some people would like to pay for a wedge.


WedgeWorks Services allows you to send your wedges to Bob Vokey's workshop for customisation and personalisation.

Any Vokey wedge is eligible for services. Pick individual services such as hand stamping or laser etching. Or choose one of our packages.

Tune-Up package includes buffing, paintfill restoration and a new BV Grip. The Shaft Replacement package includes a new BV Grip and a new shaft. Or pick The Works to combine the two. Turnaround time from receipt at WedgeWorks is approximately five business days plus shipping to your location.

Website: www.vokey.com/wedgeworks

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
FinishesRaw Black, Gold Nickel, Tour Chrome
Lofts46.0°, 48.0°, 50.0°, 52.0°, 54.0°, 56.0°, 58.0°, 60.0°, 62.0°

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