adidas adicross Gripmore golf shoes Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Exceptional traction even in the wet, great comfort, and stylish 

  • Cons

    Could use a few more lace loops

  • RRP £99.00

What we say...

Some shoes talk about weight. Some shoes talk about comfort. These are all about traction. Using rubber-like cleats that flex and bend, adidas injects 43 of them onto the bottom of each shoe. Each cleat has five “arms” for extra traction, and there are rubber nubs as well. According to adidas, there are 243 points in contact with the ground. Unlike traditional spiked golf shoes that require receptacles to house cleats on the sole, adidas’ gripmore cleats are directly injected onto lightweight mesh which features hundreds of “microspikes” for even more traction and stability. Worn by Martin Kaymer during his Players Championship victory.

Stylish and contemporary. They look like a smart trainer, but more golfy. It’s unusual to have the middle of the three signature adidas stripes a different colour, but it grows on you. Looking down, the toe area is only slightly rounded, which I think matches the shape of the foot better.

You immediately notice the comfort underfoot and the padding in the toe area, straight out of the box.

Exceptional. The “spikes” don’t look like they protrude much from the outsole, yet the grip you get is superb. I tested these in both dry and wet conditions and at no point did the traction let me down, even when playing from sloping lies.

Reviewed by Equipment Editor Joel Tadman: “Hard to pinpoint a drawback compared to a cleated model. The sole is very stable, an abundance of “spikes” offering an even coverage to help you feel more connected to the ground. They repelled water admirably and comfort is one of their strongest features. I’d like a few more lace-loops – having only four sets creates large gaps between the laces.”

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