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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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October 2012 Test

What were your initial thoughts on the shoes?
Loved the cool looks and I’m just as happy wearing them out socially as I am on the course.

What have you enjoyed about the shoes?
It’s very convenient to turn up to the course in the shoes you are going to play in and go anywhere in the clubhouse with them on. These have been brilliant when nipping out for a quick nine.

What are you not so sure about?
Wet weather. Not from a stability point of view but aesthetically. The white suede trim gets dirty very easily and they are hard to wipe clean. They’re not waterproof so, even though I didn’t think they performed badly in terms of grip, they are a better weather shoe.

How have they performed in various weather conditions?
Very rarely did I think I was going to slip during a swing in bad weather. In dry weather, these have been terrific.

How do they compare to regular cleat/spike shoes?
As a faster swinger there is a bit less stability on the outside of the left foot than with some cleated shoes I have worn.

TG Verdict

Looks/styling: 5
Comfort: 4
Stability/performance: 4
Durability: 2

2011 Test

Shoe detail: Since the rebirth of the brand a few years ago, Ashworth has been the epitome of casual cool and they’ve carried this look into the launch of their first golf shoe. Ashworth say they’ve designed it to have the crossover appeal of a town shoe with tumbled leather and suede accents, coupled with a moulded rubber sole for grip.

Jon: Looks-wise, I thought these shoes were the most unlike golf footwear of the foursome, but this wasn’t a huge plus point for me. What was more impressive was the excellent grip, even in slippy conditions. But the real issue came with the comfort. The heel of the Cardiff shoe just came too far up my ankle and it really started to rub after a while. This may have eased over a longer period of play, but the early day’s soreness didn’t curry favour.

David: My favourite in terms of styling because I’d be just as happy wearing these to the pub with a pair of jeans as I would on the golf course – although that may not appeal to everybody. In terms of comfort I found these a little high on the heel but that passed after a while and other than in extreme icy conditions I didn’t feel unstable on the course. A downside to the looks is that the suede trims might not
wear as well as other shoes during the rigours of golf.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Looks/Styling: 4
Comfort: 3
Stability/Performance: 4

White; black; navy; chocolate


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