FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Very good and stable in terms of grip, even throughout the winter, and showed no real signs of serious wear and tear despite extensive use.

  • Cons

    The sole is glued to the uppers rather than stitched.

  • RRP £125.00

What we say...

2013 Shoe Test

CJ: Solid, stylish, dependable; a fitting helped get a rock-solid base. 

JT: Leather only took a few holes to soften up. They look great and held up well in the wet.


2012 Review

Chris: Definitely the shoes I would buy when spending my own money because they offer the best blend of quality and value. They were very good and stable in terms of grip, even throughout the winter, and showed no real signs of serious wear and tear despite extensive use in very trying conditions – including snow. I normally do wear DryJoys anyway and nothing in this test has convinced me that I should be looking elsewhere, because these will always justify the outlay.

If I did have a couple of criticisms it is that the sole is glued to the uppers rather than stitched and I would always usually wear a darker pair of shoes throughout the winter so they don’t look as muddy. But the great thing about FootJoy is that there are always lots of different colour options to choose from.


2011 Review

Christopher Alexander 24 HCP – Prioritises comfort and value when buying shoes.

Johnny Stanco – 14 HCP – Style and performance are two important criteria.
Colin Blair – 14 HCP – This keen player needs durability and performance.

Chris: For him this was as close to faultless for a pair of golf shoes you can get. He gave them top marks for performance where he felt there was the perfect amount of grip and when it came to looks he was just as impressed, commenting on the elegant white leather and brown croc pattern. He admitted that if he was disappointed with one thing it was that the soles were glued to the uppers rather than stitched.

Johnny: These were probably Johnny’s favourite shoes on test in terms of looks and quality of design; they didn’t disappoint in performance either. He felt the leather was very hard and durable and although this meant they took a little bit of breaking in they were extremely comfortable once he did so. He found these particularly good in the wet and said he expected them to be very hard-wearing and durable as well.

Colin: One of only two pairs on test to have been awarded an overall score of 5/5 by Colin. He said they were an excellent fit from the first day and that they lived up to their reputation as the number one shoe on the market. He was also impressed by how sturdy they felt and was confident these would wear well. Another positive comment was the price, which he felt was very favourable when compared with others on the market.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 4.3  Comfort: 4.7  Performance: 4.5  Value: 4.5

The latest update on the sensational DryJoys franchise has been designed with input from the brand’s plethora of Tour staff. ECL Systems technology ensures maximum waterproof protection as well as increased breathability without needing an additional membrane. A full leather lining makes them super comfortable.

Sizes: UK 6.5-11 (half sizes)

Contact: or 01480 301114

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