FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoe Review

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FootJoy’s Freestyle golf shoes are a new category brand of golf shoe that has specifically designed technology to deliver exceptional performance and comfort.

What we say: The FootJoy Freestyle golf shoes help generate maximum power through greater freedom of movement in the swing. Traction is enhanced thanks to an outsole inspired by the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, which enables the cutting-edge design to deliver great traction and grip in all conditions 

The FootJoy Freestyle is a spiked, waterproof golf shoes that comes in four colours and sizes 6 – 12. 


F.R.O.G.S. Technology

New translucent and super-flexible SoftMaxTM outsole provides a softer feel and extra grip

InnerSokTM Fit/Bootie System with TongueLokTM and HeelLokTM offers both a softer feel and extra grip

FTFTM 3.0 midsole compound is the brand’s softest yet

Softspikes Tour LockTM system and new translucent Pulsar cleats deliver exceptional grip with a dynamic, frog-like flex.

1 year Waterproof Warranty

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