Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoes Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Lightweight, comfortable and stylish – plus, at a pretty affordable price point.

  • Cons

    In the cold or wet they can get grubby; the mesh can mean your feet get a bit chilly.

  • RRP £90.00

What we say...

Long Term Test – Nov 2012

 I’ve always tended to be in-between sizes, but the Lunar Ascend fitted like a glove. They were the lightest and most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever used and I got good grip and traction, even when I wore them in the autumn. There don’t seem to be any signs of them wearing out.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable and stylish – plus, at a pretty affordable price point.
Cons: In the cold or wet they can get grubby; the mesh can mean your feet get a bit chilly.


October 2012 Test

What were your initial thoughts on the shoes?
They looked good but I did have concerns about how they’d perform in the ‘British’ summer.

What have you enjoyed about the shoes?
I love how light and comfortable they are and being able to walk off the course without worrying about changing your shoes is fantastic. On hot days the ventilation in the top of the shoes is very effective and they’ve gripped well in damp.

What are you not so sure about?
Because they are very trainer-like  they look a little unusual with black trousers. Any dampness in the grass will get through to your feet quite easily.

How have they performed in various weather conditions?
Brilliant if it’s dry and hot and still do a good job in the wet, but you’re likely to get damp feet.

How do they compare to regular cleat/spike shoes?
They are lighter and more comfortable without losing any performance so I would use them in the summer. I might
even risk damp feet to wear them if the grass is a bit wet. They damage greens less too.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks/styling: 4  Comfort: 4.5  Stability/performance: 5  Durability: 3.5


2011 Test

Shoe detail: Nike’s Lunar Ascend features an upper construction that originated in the basketball side of the company’s business, and this Hyperfuse material is lightweight, comfortable and breathable. It also features Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning in the sole. The Ascend also boasts Nike’s Power Platform outsole which allows more
flexibility and greater natural motion for the foot.

Jon: I’ve worn Nike running shoes pretty much all my life, and their golf shoes have always fitted me equally well. The Lunar Ascend looked more like a traditional golf shoe than the rest of the quartet, and the larger moulded cleats on the sole certainly helped in the stability stakes. There was very little to choose between these and the Ecco shoes for me, with the styling giving the Danish brand the upper hand.

David: These were undoubtedly the lightest and sportiest of any of the four shoes on test. I barely felt I was wearing anything on my feet and that let me just concentrate on the golf. Unlike the other shoes these have moulded areas that look like traditional cleats and again I didn’t feel any less stable on the course than I would have done with spikes. The downside is these are the only shoes I wouldn’t wear off the course so would be strictly golf only for me.

Ratings (Out of 5):

Looks/Styling: 4.5  Comfort: 4.5  Stability/Performance: 4.3

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