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Nike Zoom Bandon Golf Shoes were new for 2010. Seam-sealed synthetic upper, zipper shroud closure. Zoom Air unit in heel. Nike Power Platform.

Contact: or 0800 056 1640

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Waterproof guaranteeTwo years
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  • 5 out of 5 The Marmite Shoe

    By Anonymous

    BACKGROUND; I play golf all year round, deep snow is about the only barrier to my weekly golf fix but as any golfer will tell you, it ain’t fun playing golf in the winter months with wet and as a consequence cold feet. My home course in the North East of England can, in the winter time be likened to the Florida Everglades albeit the Everglades are possibly a little dryer, even though I have always invested in good quality golf shoes such as ECCO Gortex, even they cannot prevent water getting in over the shoes ankle tops, heels, via the lace holes if you inadvertently splodge in a deep puddle, or by your trouser bottoms acting like a wick and transferring moisture onto your socks and into your shoes. PERFORMANCE; The waterproof zip up the front that completely encases the laces that are hidden underneath and the “sealed seam” edges all around allied to the raised ankle height top line; prevent 100% of water ingress. My playing partner (who’s feet were wet after 8 holes) and who was feeling envious of my dry feet, Bet me to stand in an ankle deep puddle that would of swamped normal shoes and see if my feet remained dry, I have to say that the pint of beer I enjoyed in the 19th hole from this little wager tasted particularly good. They were comfortable from round 1 and after a total of 3 rounds are even more so now they have adapted to my foot shape and walking gait. SIZING; As a general rule I take a wide fitting size 7, sometimes having to go up a size to an 8, but footwear can have huge variances in their actual fit, my son also takes a size 7 but normal width, these fit me perfectly and are a little big on him so go with your normal size if you have a wide foot or consider a half size smaller if you have a normal width foot and you won’t go wrong. STYLING & AFTERCARE; The styling is very much a case of the “Marmite syndrome”, you will either love it or hate it, I loved it from the first time I saw the boots on the web, the styling is unique and the quality they exude is not let down by their undoubted wet weather performance. Cleaning them after a round could not be simpler, either wear them on your feet under a running outdoor tap/hose and brush them clean, or slip your hand inside and hold them under a tap and do the same, either way you ain’t going to get wet and neither is the inside of the shoe, mud and grass just rinse away leaving an easy wipe surface to rub over with a dry cloth. SUMMARY; I regularly pay in the region of £100+ for Ecco golf shoes, so £80 for these did not make me flinch at the price, if it does you then all I can say is bite the bullet and hand over your “hard earned” because believe me this really is a case of “you get what you pay for”, you will not be disappointed, happy dry golfing.