Puma Ignite Sport Golf Shoes Review

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Puma’s Ignite Sport golf shoes are not only comfortable but stylish and waterproof with key gripzone traction and revolutionary ignite foam

What we say: Comfort never quits. The Puma Ignite Sport golf shoes have an innovative, sporty mesh upper that combines with premium leather for a super modern silhouette. Full length Ignite Foam midsole for an extremely comfortable ride. Offers awesome style – plus it’s waterproof too. 

The Puma Ignite Sport golf shoes are a spikeless, waterproof shoe that comes in five colours and sizes 7-12.


 Full-Grain Leather Saddle & Performance Mesh

IGNITE Foam: This revolutionary technology foam provides more energy return, responsive feel, added cushioning and superior step-in comfort.

Gripzone Traction: 39 stategically placed multi-directional hexagons provide maximum performance for unrivaled stability both on and off the golf course. 

1-Year Waterproof Warranty

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