Top 10 GPS Watches


Looking for a new GPS Watch? Here's our top 10 of 2018

Ranging from Bushnell to Golf Buddy, Garmin and TomTom, we've selected our 10 best GPS watches for 2018 - packed with features to help you on the course! 

Bushnell Excel - £199

Our verdict: GPS tech is changing rapidly so it's no surprise the Excel is completely new for 2018. Bluetooth capability means it can talk to your phone on the golf course so you get call alerts and notifications on your wrist. Bushnell's new app also means you can book a tee time from your smartphone and get hole yovers to see a hole from a birds-eye-view on the golf course. 

Garmin Approach S60 - £399

Our verdict: The S60 is Garmin's new golf GPS watch for 2018 and it's packed to the rafters with features. It does everything you'd expect of a GPS watch, but because it's got a touchscreen you can zoom into and around holes for ultimate accuracy and detail. It's also an automatic shot tracker and if you pair it with Garmin's app it will even give you the weather forecast.

Garmin Approach X40 £199.99

Our verdict: Where many GPS systems are golf specific, we see a need in our busy lives for much more general lifestyle trackers to relay data on staying healthy. That's where the X40 steps in. It can monitor your performance in stacks of different sports from cycling to swimming, but also records how many steps you take each day, along with calories burnt, your heart rate, how you've slept and more. 

Golf Buddy WT6 - £139.99

Our verdict: Plenty of golfers like keeping it simple when it comes to GPS and just want basic yardages to the front, centre and back of greens along with a few hazards per hole. If that's you the WT6 should be right up your street. Dynamic green views mean yardages are calculated for the angle you're attacking the green from, which is really useful if you're not approaching a green from the fairway.

Golf Buddy WTX - £199.99

Our verdict: Golf Buddy say the WTX compacts all the usual features you'd expect in a handheld GPS into a watch. A touch screen means navigating your way round the course with extra accuracy is easy. It encompasses fitness features like step counting as well as being available in a number of different "skins" so you can turn the watch into a stylish timepiece away from the course.

Golf Buddy WT5 - £169.99

Our verdict: The WT5 is a no-nonsense, golf-specific GPS watch. Not only does it give distances to the front, centre and back of the green, but it also gives plenty of hazard information too. Dynamic green views give distances tailored to the position you're attacking the green from. There's also a pin positioning feature and digital scorecard.

Shot Scope V2 - £225 

Our verdict: Shot Scope's first full-on GPS watch does everything other GPS watches do, but by combining it with the company's club tags it also automatically tracks every shot you hit on the course. It generates over 100 tour-level statistics broken down in five areas (clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting), which makes it perfect for analysing your

SkyCaddie SW2 - £129.95 

Our verdict: SkyCaddie reckon the SW2 is the simplest way to get yardages on your wrist. The rm says their GPS engine replaces your smartphone's, effectively giving you more accurate yardages than a smartphone and app are capable of. It also offers shot distance measurement and digital scoring making it a great all-rounder for a fraction of the cost of some.

TomTom Golfer 2 - £199.99 

Our verdict: All the same golf distance data you get with the cheaper TomTom Golfer SE, but the 2 comes with an upgraded strap and it's capable of being used as an activity tracker, too, meaning it will record your daily steps, calories burned, distance walked and let you know how long you slept

TomTom Golfer SE - £169.99

Our verdict: A sleek, stylish and powerful GPS watch which delivers everything you'd expect of a GPS watch along with automatic shot tracking detection and digital scorecard. Using TomTom's app gives you plenty of opportunity to analyse your game post-round and help highlight areas where you can improve.