READER TEST: TaylorMade Spider putters


Four TG readers give their verdict on TaylorMade’s Spider Putters: “The Spider’s feel, appearance and roll is the best I’ve ever used”

Thanks to the success of Jason Day’s red putter, TaylorMade have for the first time got a serious foot hold in the premium putter market.

Spider putters having weaving their web across the world’s tours and are now available in 13 different head and hosel options to suit all type of golfer out there. With that in mind, we thought it was time four TG readers got to try the red revolution. 

 The testers:

TaylorMade Spider Putter Testers
Q: What was your first impression of the colour? 

SD: It looks great, I’ve taken an Odyssey 2-Ball out of the bag for the Spider, so I must like the colour.

MD: I’m loving the red; it’s new and different. It’s not something I’d even considered before; a fresh look is never a bad thing when it comes to putting.

AB: I’ve got to admit to already being a red putter fan as I’ve been using a red Odyssey 2-Ball for a while. The Spider looks fantastic in red. I love how there’s no glare off the matt finish.  

CK: It wasn’t so much the red that struck me with the Spider ARC but the radical design and shaping. I reckon red’s an improvement. It contrasts really nicely with the ARC’s black back (stability) ring and white alignment lines.

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Q: You tested four models (Spider Tour Red, Spider Tour Red Sightline, Spider Mini Red and Spider ARC Red) –  which was your favourite and why?

SD: I liked the ARC and Mini, but my favourite was the Tour Red without the sightline. It gives such a clean, simple look and I really liked setting up putts without any distracting line. I think it improves my focus.

MD: Seeing Tour pros use new models and colours draws me into trying new gear. For me the Tour Red Sightline best fitted my eye and stroke. The contrast between the red head and white alignment line is brilliant and perfect for aiming more consistently at a target. 

AB: I immediately gravitated towards the Spider Mini. It’s the smaller, cute, less fussy head shape which got me. The T alignment aid is so simple and really works for me. I’ve putted really well with it.

CK: It wasn’t quite love at first sight but the Spider ARC, grew on me. The back weight makes it almost impossible to not maintain the desired path of the putter. The combination of three alignment lines, a white ball-sized disc and perfect balance meant I felt confident holing anything inside six feet, which is a huge boost on the course.

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The product:

TaylorMade Spider Putters

TaylorMade Spider Putter

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Q: What did you think of the roll, feedback and how did you find the oversized SuperStroke grip?

SD: Putts felt great coming of the face and rolled really nicely. I particularly liked the grip (SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0), which is a little smaller than my regular grip. It improved touch and feel from longer distances.

MD: Feel was softer than my Odyssey #7, and it sounds weird but the
control or consistency between each putt felt improved with the Pure Roll insert. I’m a big fan of oversized grips, for me the Pistol GTR is an excellent option.     

AB: The insert feels very different to my old putter. It’s a pretty solid feel, and I reckoned the extra feedback helped boost confidence. The grip gets a thumbs up, it’s great oversized grips come as standard, gone are the days of buying and regripping a new putter.  

CK: To be honest I can’t say I noticed a difference between the Spider and my usual Ping for roll, but I did feel there was lots of positive feedback which seemed to help me confidently judge distance. I love oversized grips, it’s great to get one included within the price.

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Q: All the Spider putters you tried come in for £269 each, is it a fair price? And after your experience with Spider and Red putters would you recommend them to other golfers?

SD: Everyone who’s a serious golfer spends £400 on a new driver, but it’s the putter that can save us all shots. A putter could lower your handicap more than a driver, so I don’t have an issue with the price. I’d definitely recommend the Spider family.  

MD: The Spider’s performance justifies the price. Putters are the most used club in the bag, so I’d be willing to spend almost anything to get the model I really want. The Spider’s feel, appearance and roll is the best I’ve ever used, so of course I’d recommend them. 

AB: Putting is such an important part of the game and the right putter helps massively, so when you consider we all spend £300+ on a new driver I think £269 is fair. I’ve already recommended red putters to other members at the club. 

CK: I haven’t bought a putter for four or five years so £269 sounds like a lot, but if the Spider ARC fills you with confidence – like it did for me – it’s got to be value for money. You’ve got to go and try one for yourself.

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