READER TEST: Cleveland CBX Wedge


How do Cleveland’s new CBX cavity back wedges perform on the course? Four TG readers found out…

Cleveland reckon 84 per cent of golfers play cavity-back irons. Yet most of those golfers use tour-style bladed wedges, which are heavier and less forgiving than their irons.

It makes no sense, so Cleveland recently launched a brand-new cavity-back CBX wedge which is said to be more accurate, more forgiving and boasts the same high-spin tech as their tour-style RTX-3. We asked four TG readers to put them to the test. 

Q: What do you think to the idea and look of cavity-backed wedges?

KN: If they give golfers extra confidence and match their irons more closely I think they’re a sound idea. These look good at address, I’d struggle to notice a difference in size to my usual wedges.

DD: It’s a sensible idea. Most golfers use cavity irons, so why not wedges? These look virtually identical to the RTX-3 at address, they’re good looking clubs that inspire confidence. I reckon other golfers would be surprised, too.    

MD: The idea is so simple and makes complete sense. I think the concept will benefit lots of club golfers; I can’t believe somebody hasn’t thought of it before. 

BT: The wider sole is a huge advantage as it stops the head digging into the turf. Side by side I wouldn’t be able to spot which was the cavity CBX. Poor shots with my wedges usually fall short of the flag which is down to a poor connection; the CBX seems to be eliminating this from my game.

Q: Cleveland insisted on fitting you for these – what did you think of the process, and would you recommend a wedge fitting to other golfers?

KN: Martin the fitter was very thorough and professional, which gave me confidence that what I was fitted for was going to suit me. I’ve never been fitted before, but I now understand how important being fitted for each part of your game is. 

DD: The fitting showed how far out my gapping was, 40 yards between my PW and GW was way off. Martin also spotted how different the shaft weights were between my own irons and wedges.

MD: The process was invaluable and the fitter’s knowledge was a real eye-opener. Within hitting a few shots he spotted where my weaknesses lay. I’ve never been fitted for wedges before, but I’d certainly recommend it. 

BT: There’s not as many bounce options with the CBX, but I still think a proper fitting is recommended. It’s worth taking the opportunity to figure out your wedge distances and gapping, for me it just breeds confidence.   

Q: How did the CBX perform for accuracy, spin and feel? 

KN: Feel was really good; I’d say the CBX are probably a fraction softer than my Vokeys. I can’t say I was more accurate with them, but I was no further away than I’d expect to be with my own wedges.  

DD: The CBX was much more forgiving and consistent than my previous Nike wedges. I feel they generated more spin too. They’ve increased confidence in my approach play and chipping.

BT: I can’t say feel was any different compared to my RTX-2 wedges, which is good. During the fitting I saw spin was higher, and this was down to the strike and connection being better, which has to prove the CBX works.

Q: What’s your overall opinion on them?  

KN: I like them. The weight and feel are great. They don’t look big at address, shots feel good off the face and if you have cavity-back irons I reckon these are an ideal addition to a club golfer’s set.

DD: They’re excellent. The fitting has really sorted out my gapping, the CBX look and feel great. My biggest gain has been consistency. I was surprised how good they feel, I’d definitely recommend them.

MD: What I’ve taken from this is just how important proper fitting really is. It could be argued as there’s such a premium on accuracy in the short game, having the right lie angle and shaft length is even more important. 

BT: I’ve seen my approach and bunker play improve already. If you can convince yourself results are more important than having pretty bladed wedges, you’ll benefit, too.

The product:

Cleveland CBX wedge £109

Cleveland CBX wedge

Lofts: 46° / 48° / 50° / 52° / 54° / 56° / 58° / 60°

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