READER TEST: Mizuno JPX golf ball


Mizuno reckon due to two-piece golf ball tech now being so good, the majority of golfers can’t tell the difference between the new JPX and a premium tour ball.

Four TG readers put Mizuno’s new low-compression JPX ball (two-piece), which has a soft polymer cover and aerodynamic micro-dimples, to the test.

Q: How did the JPX compare to your usual ball in terms of distance with the driver and irons?

HM: The JPX was hotter off the club compared to my usual ball (I use a mix of premium tour balls). I didn’t have a launch monitor to back up what I felt, but I’m convinced it flew shots 10 yards further than my usual ball at times.   

RN: My typical ball flight is quite low, so the JPX’s micro dimples definitely added extra air time with both the driver and irons. I usually play the Titleist Pro V1x, but I certainly added yards on iron shots with the JPX.

CT: The JPX was at least comparable to my usual Pro V1 for both driver and iron shots. I reckon I got more air time with the Mizuno’s.

JG: Compared to my usual Titleist Pro V1x I didn’t notice much difference in length off the tee, both balls were similar, but the JPX flew higher and felt like it came off the face a lot faster.

Q: What about performance on and around the greens?

HM: Mizuno’s claim of golfers not being able to tell the difference between two-piece and premium balls rings bells with me. The JPX felt soft, and it had a consistent reaction when chipping and pitching. Putting wise it felt just as good as the premium balls I usually play.

RN: It took me a couple of rounds to get used to the JPX coming faster off the putter face, but then I thought it was a very good match for my short game.

CT: For me the JPX feels good off the putter, I’d have no issues using it on the dance floor. For chipping though I thought it was a bit firmer, if I’m honest I’d prefer my usual ball for the short game.

JG: We tested the balls when the ground was pretty soft and damp so I’m not sure I can say spin and control is any better or worse. I could though feel the ball was firmer for chipping and putting.   

Q: We didn’t tell you they were a two-piece ball before you tested them, would you have known and what’s your impression of soft compression balls in general?

HM: If you did a blind feel test, most amateur golfers would not be able to tell the difference between the JPX and a premium ball. I’m surprised it’s a two-piece ball as it doesn’t feel hard or clicky, I’d like to see how the spin numbers stack up on a launch monitor.

CT: I’d have had no idea the JPX was a two-piece ball if you hadn’t told me. I reckon softer compression balls are more explosive (as the ball is more fully compressed) and feel is really good.

RN: I’m surprised as the JPX has the feel of a four or five piece ball. I’ve not had much experience of softer compression balls but throughout out the bag feel is great for me.

JG: For me tour balls just seem to have a softer feel, the JPX though is really explosive off the club face which is ideal for lots of club golfers.

Q: OK, so the JPX is £25 a dozen which is less than half as much as some premium balls. Would you recommend JPX to other club golfers?

HM: It’s an unbelievably good price for a ball of this quality. I’d recommend them and I’m looking forward to seeing how they compare in summer conditions, too.

CT: I’d consider buying them myself, £25 a dozen is a very good price. Looking at how many I lose in a season they’d represent a significant annual saving.

RN: It’s an excellent price compared to the premium competition, for me there’s no real performance difference, I’d buy them myself and recommend them to others.

JG: I’d recommend the JPX especially to mid handicappers and above. For me personally as I like to shape shots and enjoy a softer responsive feel in the short game I’d still plump for my premium ball.

The product:

Mizuno JPX golf ball £25 per dozen