Two TG readers give their verdict on Cobra King F8 fitting: "I wish I'd converted to Cobra years ago"


Two TG readers get a through-the-bag fitting for a full set of the latest Cobra F8 driver, woods, irons and wedges – complete with COBRA CONNECT, Powered by Arccos

Cobra's latest F8 range is packed with new technology. The first driver with a CNC milled face allows tighter tolerances on each face for faster ball speeds on off-centre hits, while a progressive set construction and different length hosels in the irons are aimed at improving control all the way through from 4-PW. On top of all this game-changing club technology, the F8 family is equipped with COBRA CONNECT, Powered by Arccos.

Sensors in the grip connect to a phone app that tracks every shot you hit, driving your improvement. By understanding the data gained through rounds played, you can identify areas of your game that need to improve and lower your handicap.

Cobra's Shaun Lloyd told us: "The F8 range is aimed at everyone. With the adjustability of the new F8 drivers and fairways and versatility of the new F8 irons, these all offer fantastic benefits to the golfer. Having a fully connected set allows the golfer to track their entire performance on course, and this highlights everything from tee to green to highlight strengths and weakness you can improve on."

Two TG readers were fitted for the latest set of F8s to test out Cobra's newest club tech and COBRA CONNECT. They gained a combined total of 41 yards by switching their drivers, woods and irons and then spent a month playing to get some detailed statistics.

DAMON GROVES: Handicap: 10 


Driver: Cobra King F8+, Aldila Blue 60 S shaft, 9.5°
Fairways: Cobra King F8 (3-4), Aldila blue 70 S, 15.5°
Hybrid: Cobra King F8  (3H), stiff, shaft,19°
Irons: Cobra King F8 (4-SW),stiff flex, steel shaft


Switching from a TaylorMade M2 (9.5°) to a King F8+ (9.5°), Damon gained an average of seven yards – going from 252 to 259 yards There was real a lightbulb moment during the fitting. I really like the look of the driver and how it sits behind the ball at address, and I was surprised about the distance I was hitting (gaining seven yards). I am also finding my drives are fairly straight and not in as much trouble, and hit my best drive of 256 yards on Sunday; I know because I found out from the Cobra Connect app.

Having previously used Titleist AP2 irons with a heavier shaft, switching to the King F8 gave Damon gains on average of 15.9 yards, going from 147 to 162.9 yards with a 7-iron The F8 irons are making a massive positive difference to my game. Where I'd have normally hit a 7-iron with my old set, I am now finding I am hitting 8-iron or even 9-iron. The F8s are also more forgiving – even when I've not quite middled the shot I'm still finding good distance and accuracy. It takes a bit of convincing standing over a shot hitting two clubs less, having being used to playing with my old set for so long. But when I have the Cobra Connect distances for each club worked out I can fully commit.


The F8s are a good looking set of wedges, but will take a bit of getting used to as I had played with my old set for so long. I struggled with them slightly for the first full round with how different they felt and looked at address, but then went and spent a fair amount of time practicing and began feeling more confident, knocking it close with the lob wedge, which I'm starting to really enjoy using.


I find myself regularly looking at the data provided by Cobra Connect to the app to see where I can make improvements to my game. The app is easy to use and you can see that the more you play and use it, the more accurate the information becomes. It's currently telling me that my driving and chipping are two areas I need to improve, while my approach shot accuracy and putting are below my current handicap.

DAN ISAACS: Handicap: 10


Driver: Cobra King F8, Project X Even Flow 6.0, 12°
Fairways: Cobra King F8 (3-4), Aldila blue 70 S, 16°
Hybrid: Cobra King F8 3H(19°)&4H (22°), stiff flex
Irons: Cobra King F8 (5-SW,andLW), KBS Tour FLT 120 stiff flex.


Dan was originally using a Titleist 917 D2 driver, and gained an average of six yards when he switched to an F8, going from 248 to 254 yards I'd always been a mix bag, but since using the F8 clubs I have tightened up my accuracy and I'm also hitting more variety o the tee, which is something I didn't do with my previous clubs. This is mainly down to my confidence in the clubs. I love the 3 and 4 hybrids, length is up both o the tee and the deck in comparison to my old 3 and 4 irons by a good 25 yards. My miss-hits are also not as wild as with my old clubs. I am not a long hitter by any stretch of the imagination, but I recently drove a 268-yard par-4!


Dan saw a big gain 12.4 yards by switching from his Callaway Apex irons to the King F8 irons, going from 165.5 to 179.9 yards on average with a 7-iron I am loving the F8 irons and my confidence has soared! Whereas it took me a good six months to get properly used to my previous irons, the F8s have been awesome from day one. Accuracy has been superb, from 120-170 yards out, and I'm hitting straighter, longer shots. Even shots I don't get out the sweet spot are not putting me in serious trouble.


The F8 wedges I opted for are fantastic, the 50° gap wedge being my favourite! The distance remains similar to my old Vokeys, but accuracy and consistency has vastly improved, doubling my GIR from 60-110 yards in. Around the greens I use all of the three wedges for di erent shots and I am getting a lot more check on my ball.


The Arccos 360 app is great. I can already see where I need to practise. Depending on the age and type of your phone it can drain your battery but is well worth it for the statistics you get. With the added bonus of Cobra Connect I think the Cobra package is one of the best options on the market. Having never looked at Cobra before, if the previous models were as good as the F8s I wish I had converted years ago!