Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor


More than four years ago when we pulled together plans for the original Top Gear, we had a chance meeting with Foresight Sports at their European HQ in Guildford, Surrey. At the time (2015), testing over winter in the UK was at best hit and miss.

Tests were likely to be washed out by rain, blown off course by the wind or testers left freezing in sub-zero temperatures. We, though, like many equipment experts, felt testing should be done outside, from turf, yet we knew hitting shots outdoors for hours on end in the UK’s winter climate was far from ideal.

Foresight listened to our concerns about testing in winter, then offered help by suggesting using an indoor facility, much like their own set-up, which could offer everything we wanted from outdoor testing, but in a warm, controlled environment.

Foresight GC Quad

We weren’t immediately sold on the idea, believing shots needed to be hit from turf and stubbornly insisted we had to see a “real” ball flight (the Quad shows ball flight) for every shot. Then Foresight pulled a joker from their hat, and it was a deal clincher. They suggested that by testing indoors, we could also use a premium ball to create data, the holy grail of testing at the time and something we could never dream of doing by testing outside.

Since that moment we’ve always turned to Foresight when it comes to choosing our launch monitor (for all our tests, not just Top Gear). And we’ve got to the point where we urge you to do the same. If you’re getting fitted for a new driver, irons or putter in 2019, it doesn’t matter if your fitting happens to be indoors or out (into a net or on a range) ask the fitter: a) Will they use a Foresight GC Quad? b) Can you use premium balls?

Foresight GC Quad

For us, it’s the only way to see how the clubs you’re looking at buying compare, and by doing it with a premium ball you’ll get the same results you’ll see on the course. You’ll better understand your gear, and get an idea of where your most common mishits happen.

We reckon you’ll also get your best fitting equipment ever. You’ll be in elite company, too; Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau both insist on Foresight’s GC Quad when working on their own game.

Foresight GC Quad

The camera never lies

Thanks to the Quad’s four high resolution stereoscopic cameras (which capture 10,000 frames per second) we collected thousands of pieces of data from every single shot hit. Ball data allowed us to see differences in speed, launch angle, backspin, peak height, descent angle and carry distance (among others), which are vital when comparing golf clubs.

Impact data

GC Quad’s cameras, unlike other launch monitors, measure where every shot impacts the clubface. The tech is invaluable for comparing drop-off data between on and off centre hits; it’s also the same tech TaylorMade used to create TwistFace. For you, it’s perfect for helping learn more about where mishits occur, which is essential when picking a new driver.

Putting analysis

GC Quad isn’t just a launch monitor for full swing analysis, either. At the push of a button we could use it for putting, too. We saw how putts jumped off the face of each putter hit, recorded how much top or backspin was created and how far putts skidded before they started rolling. All invaluable analysis which helped us decide on our favourite models, that will also help you find the putter which best suits your stroke during a fitting.

Foresight GC Quad

Portable partner

GC Quad is really portable. We take it with us when travelling to different ranges and because it can be hooked up to an iPad, we really could test anywhere and compare all the saved data afterwards.

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