Ben Hogan Club Range: What you need to know


What you need to know about Ben Hogan's range

Get a closer look at the wedges, putters, irons and fairway woods in the newest range from Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge

During his playing career, Ben Hogan's competitors called his Pitching Wedge his "Equalizer" because he used it so effectively. While he was never the longest or even most accurate player on Tour, Ben Hogan had one of the best short games in the business.

Ben Hogan credited his short game success to his wedge design. He knew 65 years ago that 'unbalanced' wedges … wedges with too much weight positioned near the sole of the club and, in turn, very thin faces … wouldn't perform consistently. After years of experimenting with weight distribution, he found one of his many 'secrets'.

Incorporating Ben Hogan's wedge design philosophy across an entirely new line of Gap, Sand and Lob wedges … all worthy to bear the legendary Equalizer name. Equalizer wedges not only perform exceptionally well around the greens, but they look great too. They truly are the perfect blend of science with artistry.

TG Awards: GOLD
We Say: It's called the Equalizer because that's what Hogan called his pitching wedge, as he was so effective with it. It is forged from soft 1025 carbon steel and is designed to give flatter, more penetrating shot trajectories. We're really picky about wedge shapes here at TG, but Equalizer is a hit. Hogan only deal direct with end consumers online (no retailers) so their pricing is really keen. It means you can get a lovely forged wedge for less than £80, which in our eyes makes them extremely attractive. 

ben hogan gold award

Product information
• Forged 1025 Carbon Steel club heads to enhance feel
• Better shaping and disbursement of mass
• Precision Milled face and grooves
• Improved V-Sole Design
• Available lofts – 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°,62° 

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Ben Hogan GS53 Fairway Woods

Ben Hogan was never the longest player on Tour. But he certainly ranked among the most accurate. 

One of Mr. Hogan’s famous quotes is "The most important shot is the next one". What he meant by this was putting yourself in the correct position on a given hole is the best way to make par or, better yet, birdies.

In today's game, too many players seem to think that raw distance is the way to go low. And, for some players, no doubt, that approach works. But for the vast majority of professional and amateur players in the world, keeping your ball in play and placed correctly on a hole so you attack the pin confidently leads to lower scores. The company call it "the lost art of the course technician".

That’s why they developed the new GS53 fairway woods. They were engineered to provide incredible, dependable accuracy first and foremost. While they boast the same name as our driver, they weren’t designed to be smaller versions of it like so many other golf equipment manufacturers do. The GS53 fairway woods were designed to keep you in play off the tee, or get you to the right place on any hole, from any given situation.

Product information
•  Forged heads for a uniform grain structure throughout
•  Ben Hogan Proprietary Flex Face Technology – The face is the thickest in the centre providing a pure, solid feel.
•  Tour inspired shaping
•  Available lofts – 14°, 16°, 18°

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Ben Hogan PTx Pro

Ben Hogan say that PTx PRO Irons are the irons of choice for discerning players who want to make the most of today’s advanced club manufacturing technology. These irons suit extremely accomplished golfers who want to maintain their handicap, as well as very serious, committed players who want to dial in their game. The PTx PRO Irons pair a pure, traditionalist’s mindset with the advanced feel and feedback that only our three-piece, multi-step, multi-material forging process can deliver.

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company never strives to develop the best “player’s irons” or “player’s distance irons,” for example. Instead, they design and manufacture the highest-quality, best-performing products for better players who seek certain performance characteristics in their equipment. One example? They firmly believe in consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron. So, if you are looking for the longest 7-iron on the market, other golf equipment companies will strengthen lofts to help “achieve” that result. Ben Hogan Golf doesn’t play that game … or any others.

The new PTx PRO Irons offer forged feel and feedback with today’s most advanced materials and manufacturing processes – while maintaining the undeniably clean, elegant head design and geometry that’s pure Ben Hogan.

Product information
•  Co-Forged construction
•  Linear centre of mass weighting
•  Improved V-Sole design
•  Available irons – 4-PW

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Ben Hogan Putters

Ben Hogan has introduced its first putter line in nearly fifteen years with the release of a Precision Milled FORGED putter line.

The four new models are CNC precision milled from and crafted from soft, 1020 carbon steel in a multi-step forging process that strengthens and purifies the molecular structure of the metal to give consistent distance control across the face and 'trueness' on every roll. 

It also features proprietary DBM (Diamond Black Metal) finish to promote better alignment by eliminating glare and generating more contrast with the ball and putting surface.

Inside Ben Hogan's Precision Forged Putter Line

hogan putters

“A 100% forged, CNC precision milled putter is not the least expensive nor the easiest way to make a putter by any means, but at Ben Hogan Golf we believe it is the best way,” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.

“Serious golfers demand precision and performance on the greens, and the new Ben Hogan Precision Milled Forged putters deliver.  They look great, but perform even better.  ”  

The standard lie on all Ben Hogan Precision Milled FORGED putters is 70 degrees, but lie angles can be adjusted up to +/- 2.0 degrees flat or upright.  Additionally, Ben Hogan Golf has partnered with SuperStroke, the leading putter grip company in the world, to offer golfers a choice of three (3) popular grip styles: Flatso 1.0, MidSlim 2.0, Slim 3.

There are four models: A plumbers neck blade, players blade with a double bend shaft, players blade with flowing neck and a players mallet (find out more here)

Product information
• Forged CNC Milled face
• Four head options
• Free customization
• Available models – BHB01, BHB02, BHB03

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