Reader Test: BioFlow's Sports Flex wristband


Bioflow's new Sports Flex wristband brings magnetic therapy to the course in a fully adjustable design - so we had three TG readers put it to the test

What you need to know
Bioflow's new Sport Flex wristband is an updated version of their original Sport Wristband and is not only fully adjustable but durable thanks to its waterproof silicone design. 

Each wristband contains a powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnet encased in a smooth and comfortable one-piece strap with a convenient buckle fastening.

"The core of Bioflow technology lies with our Central Reverse Polarity ‘CRP’ field – a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism," their website says. "Unlike standard magnets, Bioflow’s Central Reverse Polarity magnet has three poles. When blood passes under this multi-directional field, cells experience an agitating effect. It is this effect combined with magnet strength that is essential for the product to be effective."

What is magnotherapy?
Magnotherapy, which applies magnetic fields to help encourage blood flow using powerful magnet technology, has been around in golf for a long time (copper bracelets may spring to mind here).

Bioflow have been using this technique for over 25 years in their products, and this natural therapy is combined with style, comfort and durability in their latest offering, the adjustable Sport Flex wristband.

• RRP: £30

We sent three bioflow bands out to readers of different ages to test what they thought of them. Here's what the first of our readers, Nick Brown, had to say.

bioflow bands

TG Reader Tests

Reader 1: Nick Brown (50s), Toft GC
Reader 2: Stuart Daly (30's), Thetford GC

What was your perception of these type of bands before taking the test?

NB: I was never too sure if they worked so when the chance came to wear one I wanted to give it a go as I have a long term shoulder issue and wondered if it would help.

SD: My main perception was they never worked and wouldn’t affect me

How long have you been testing the Bioflow wristband?

NB: 3 Months

SD: Nearly 8 Months

What were your initial thoughts on the look and feel of the bands?

NB: Very comfortable to wear, you don’t realise you are wearing it, it doesn’t impede your swing at all or make you conscious of it. The waterproof element helps so I can wear it in the shower and it is actually quite fashionable and doesn’t look out of place.

SD: Initial thoughts were it looked good and sporty and something I would be happy to wear on a daily basis, liked I pick different colours, also was soft material so made it comfortable to wear

As you know - the bands are designed to help encourage blood flow therefore reduce aches and pains – before using the band, what aches and pains did you have while playing golf?

NB: I had a pain in my left shoulder so I have worn the band on the left wrist.

SD: Before using I had pain in my right hip and both knees

Have your aches and pains reduced since wearing the band?

NB: This seems to have been reducing the pain and I haven’t had as many twinges since wearing the band on and off the course. I also have to monitor my blood pressure as it is quite erratic but since wearing the band it has been very stable.

SD: Yes – the knee pain is nearly not noticeable and the hip pain is much more manageable

Would you recommend the band to other golfers?

NB: Absolutely!! The best thing is that you don’t have to charge it – you just put it on and leave it to work, its brilliant!!

SD: Yes

How did the band feel while swinging the golf club – Did it irritate you in any way?

NB: I did not notice it – It was extremely comfortable and it even takes knocks as well and doesn’t look any different.

SD: After the first few shots I didn't notice I had it on, no impact to my game

The RRP is £30 – Would you buy this product at the RRP?

NB: Absolutely, it has not just helped with my aches and pains so well worth it.

SD: Yes

Will you continue to use the band now the test is over?

NB: Yes I will certainly keep it on – It’s brilliant!

SD: Yes – I wear all the time and when I stopped for month I noticed the knee pain starting again

Stay tuned for our next set of reader results!