The best garden golf setup you’ll ever see


The dream garden golf setup

If money were no object, every golfer’s back garden would probably look something like this. Designed to function as a short game golf facility in the day and a golf lounge at night, this unique complex cost around $500,000 to build in the grounds of a private estate in New Mexico City.

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“I think my client had a regular putting and chipping green in mind, but I don’t do regular things,” says architect Agustin Piza.

The garden, which covers more than 53,000 sq ft, features a floodlit putting green with seven tee boxes, multiple flag positions and enough space to hit pitch shots from up to 80 yards. At the heart of the construction is a fire pit which sits in the middle of the complex, inside a giant pot bunker. 


“During the day you can practise all types of shots,” adds Piza.

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“Flops, bump and runs, lag putts. Anything you want to create, it’s there. It is a multi-purpose area – during the day the family can enjoy either practising golf or playing in the sandbox. In the evenings, you turn on the music, turn on the lights, turn on the firepit and just relax.”

Amazingly, the entire facility took just three months to build and has been finished before the house has even been built. Nice to hear the owner has their priorities right!

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Here’s the sketch on which the design was based:


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