Is this the perfect golf shoe?

The Ecco Biom H4 may be the best golf shoe ever made…

Golf gear tends to be about compromise. The driver that gives you the absolute maximum distance on pure strikes won’t tend to be the one that offers you the most forgiveness on mishits, or that helps you hit the most fairways. The ball that offers you the greatest distance might not offer the most spin and control on approach shots, doesn’t feel as soft as you’d like, or could be less durable. The irons that are most forgiving don’t look or sound as nice as those lovely blades you’ve been admiring…

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It invariably comes down to determining what matters most to you, what you’re most willing to compromise on, and finding the best possible match for your needs. But, every so often, a product comes along that offers the best of everything and therefore removes that need to compromise.

Ecco Biom H4 spikeless golf shoes are worn by Erik van Rooyen, Henrik Stenson and Lydia Ko.

The original Titleist Pro V1, for instance, offered a combination of distance, spin, and feel that no previous golf ball had been able to provide. As a result, it became – and remains to this day – the most popular ball in golf.

The original Callaway Big Bertha driver was another game-changer that paved the way for every driver that followed it.

And the new Ecco Biom H4 golf shoe may well be another game-changing, ‘no compromise required’, best-of-everything product. In fact, it may be the closest thing to the perfect golf shoe we’ve ever seen.

Because what do golfers want from their golf shoes? They want ultimate comfort, maximum grip in all weather and turf conditions, breathability, waterproofing, top-quality materials, and all in a package that looks better than anything else. Let’s look at those factors one at a time and see why the Ecco Biom H4 ticks so many boxes.

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ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes


The latest development in Ecco’s hugely successful Biom Hybrid series, the Biom H4 allows golfers to walk more comfortably from tee to green, as well as experiencing advanced motion control throughout the swing.

A breakthrough in Ecco’s ever-evolving last technology, the Biom H4 features the new Biom 2.0 last, which offers a modern, updated look and feel. 

This is combined with Biom Natural Motion Technology that forms like a second skin around the foot and enables it to move naturally, close to the ground. It’s the closest feeling you’ll get to playing barefoot. 

The Ecco FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology, meanwhile, ensures a balance of cushioning and rebound to deliver dynamic comfort with every step. 

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes

Grip & Stability

Powered by state-of-the-art motion technologies, Ecco’s pioneering new MTN GRIP outsole includes three sections to provide the ideal blend of traction and stability, ground penetration, and rotational support throughout your golf swing. 

Wrapping around the foot from the outsole to the midsole, the T.PU element on the side of Biom H4 enhances stability while adding to the contemporary, premium design – with colour pops helping to create a vibrant aesthetic in certain styles.

Meanwhile, X-Tensa Invisible Technology links the sole unit’s T.PU blocks to the lacing system via internal enforcement, which creates excellent levels of support and stability across the whole shoe, not just under the laces. 

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes

Waterproofing & Breathability 

The Biom H4’s uppers are crafted from premium, durable and thin Ecco performance leather, made in Ecco’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water. This is enhanced with 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex technology that keeps your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.

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ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes

Materials & Construction

Ecco is a family-owned brand, founded in Denmark in 1963. Today, Ecco employs more than 20,000 people, enabling them to control every part of the production chain, without having to outsource any aspect. The result is impeccable quality with every pair of Ecco shoes.

Ecco’s FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology uses specialised fluid materials to form around an anatomical last, ensuring a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound, while also creating a flexible and durable bond without the compromises that are common with stitched or glued assemblies.

A removable and washable Ortholite foam inlay sole provides long-term cushioning and superior breathability, plus the option of extra width when removed.

ECCO Biom H4 golf shoes


We feel the Biom H4 is a big aesthetic upgrade over its predecessor, the Biom H3. 

They are sporty without looking like they’re only for kids, with a choice of colours that ranges from understated to bolder designs. 

For men, the Ecco Biom H4 is available in four colourways: Black / White / Silver Grey / White + Concrete. 

Women also get their choice of four colourways: White / Limestone / Hibiscus / White + Silver Grey.

It’s one of the best-looking and most versatile golf shoes on the market, and looks great with shorts or trousers.

Price & Availability

The Ecco Biom H4 is £170 RRP. It’s not the cheapest shoe available, but nor is it the most expensive, not by a long shot. In fact, it’s actually £20 cheaper than its predecessor, the Ecco Biom H3. In a market where most brands are increasing prices year after year, that’s a refreshing move from Ecco. 

Visit for more information and to find your nearest Ecco store. 

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