Top 10 Electric Golf Trolleys


TG Top 10 Electric Golf Trolleys:

If you're looking for a new golf trolley, why not take a look below to find out which electric golf trolleys made it on to our top 10 for 2017. From Motocaddy and Powakaddy to Big Max, Hill Billy, GoKart and Stewart Golf, there's plenty on the market to suit your needs on the course - and these are some of the best. 

Motocaddy S1 £349-£499 

Our verdict: Over the last 10 years the S1 has been the most widely sold golf trolley on the market. We love the sleek styling, how the life expectancy is longer than an elephants memory and of course the slender price tag. A brilliant entry level trolley, which is also available as a DHC model (down hill speed control) from £499, which means better on-course control.
Details:・Weight: 8.9kg ・Folded size: 850mm x 595mm x 355mm

PowaKaddy FW3i £449-£499

Our verdict:  PowaKaddy's entry-level trolley which for us is very much on a level with the Motocaddy S1. A five-year warranty and lithium battery will keep you going on the golf course, while the sleek styling (PowaKaddy trolleys are designed by an ex-Dyson engineer) means you'll look the part, too.
Details:・Weight: 9.4kg ・Folded size: 385mm x 860mm x 570mm 

Big Max Hunter Quad £699

Our verdict:  It's not often that four on a golf course is better than three, but Big Max reckon in terms of stability the Hunter's four wheels increase stability over any three-wheel models. Both front wheels turn through 360° making for great manoeuvrability. It's not the lightest, but thanks to some German engineering you can expect it to last.
Details:・Weight: 13.5kg ・Folded size: 700mm x 55mm x 32mm 

GoKart £349  

Our verdict:  You won't find many golf products, let alone electric trolleys, made in the UK, but GOKart design, make and assemble every trolley on these shores. A really straightforward, no-thrills-and-spills trolley which can do a solid job for a very reasonable cost.
Details:・Weight: 8.2kg ・ Folded size: 260mm x 590mm x 61mm

Hill Billy £359

hillbilly trolle

Our verdict: Hill Billy only sell direct to end consumers (cutting out the retailer) so you won't find them in golf shops. There's only one model available and it comes in six colours, with the choice of either a lead acid (£259) or lithium battery. A basic rotating speed wheel keeps operation super simple.
Details:・Weight: 8.3kg ・Folded size: 920mm x 560mm x 335mm 

Motocaddy M1 Pro £399-£549

Our verdict: Motocaddy took it upon themselves to invent the "compact trolley" category. The M1 is the perfect trolley for golfers who are space conscious either in the car or at home, as it folds down 40% smaller than a traditional trolley. A DHC (downhill speed control) is available from £549, both have USB ports so you can charge a phone or GPS unit as you go.
Details:・Weight: 10.5kg ・Folded size: 497mm x 560mm x 336mm

Motocaddy S5 Connect £549-£599


Our verdict: The world's rst smart cart. A GPS module and screen in the handle display distances to the front, centre and back of each green. The system is powered by your smartphone, and comes with a free, fully functioning GPS app. A DHC model (downhill speed control) is also available from £599.
Details:・Weight: 9kg ・ Folded size: 850mm x 595mm x 355mm

PowaKaddy Compact C2 £549-£599

Our verdict: A brilliantly simple and beautifully designed compact trolley. The two-fold chassis can be set up in seconds and we particularly like how it stands up when stowed away, taking up less oor space. Ideal for golfers who want to free up space in the boot of a car or garage.
Details:・Weight: 9.8kg ・Folded size: 514mm x 349mm x 560mm

PowaKaddy FW7s GPS £749  

Our verdict: Combining an electric trolley and GP system into a single unit seems like common sense, but it's only really this year that the idea has hit the market. The FW7s GPS is £200 more expensive than the Motocaddy S5 Connect, but because the GPS chip is built into the handle, your phone doesn't power the system. A brilliant if pricey option.
Details:・Weight: 9.4kg ・Folded size: 385mm x 860mm x 570mm

Stewart Golf X9 Follow £1,699 


Our verdict: The X9 Follow is a big, bulky machine so make sure you've got a decent sized boot to put it in. Built-in Bluetooth tech means you can walk the fairways and the trolley will follow behind you, when you reach the green simply turn the Bluetooth handset into a remote control and guide the trolley towards the next tee. Genius.
Details: ・Weight: 14.1kg ・Folded size: 320mm x 660mm x 820mm