Reader Test: Odyssey O-Works putters


"It's shaved two-three shots a round": Four regular golfers put Odyssey's latest O-Works putters through their paces

Odyssey has made a lot of noise about the new O-Works putters this year. The big innovation is its new "microhinge" face insert, which is designed like little hooks to grab the ball at impact and lift it into a better roll.

They incorporate lots of familiar head designs and Versa alignment, so we asked four TG readers to see if they could help them hole more putts.

The Readers (left to right):
Alex Butler - Handicap, 25
Iain Robb - Handicap, 15
Rupert Barker - Handicap, 14
Joe Gray - Handicap, 18

Did you notice a difference compared to your own putter?

JG: The roll was great. Putts moved over the green really consistently and seemed to roll out really nicely.

AB: The more I've used the O-Works the more I've noticed how smoothly putts come off the face compared to my previous model. It has boosted my confidence.

RB: The insert rolled putts across the greens surface really nicely, but I'd struggle to say for sure if it was better than I'm used to.

IR: The O-Works has been incredibly consistent; it has boosted my confidence and the number of putts I've holed.

How did you find the O-Works Versa (black/white/black) cosmetics?

JG: The colour scheme is really smart; it gives an excellent contrast and shows if you move the putter when lining putts up. I found the red sight line on the R-Line really helpful.

AB: I've always liked a sight line on my putters as it makes setting up easier. The red highlight on the O-Works also helped me find the sweet spot more often.

RB: The black and white looks classy, the white is useful for lining up, and keeping the putter blade square to the target. I don't use a line on my ball but I can see for those who do the redsight line would be really useful. 

IR: I really like the black and white cosmetics; I relied on them to aim. The red highlights didn't make too much difference for me, but they certainly weren't off-putting.

How did you find the SuperStroke grip?

JG: I really liked it; I saw an instant improvement. I reckon it's shaved two-three shots a round off my score. I won't be going back to a skinny traditional grip soon.

AB: It's the first time I've used an oversized putter grip, but the more I've used it the more confidence I've gained.

RB: It's taken me a bit longer to get used to the grip size, but it definitely helps take the wrists out of the putting stroke.

IR: I've putted with oversized grips for a few years now; it restricts unwanted wrist movement, so I'd recommend them.

And what about the feel and feedback?

JG: It is a noticeable improvement over my old White Hot putter. Putts sound and feel great coming off the face.

AB: Compared to my previous putter the weight and touch is perfect.

RB: The feedback was a little dull and muted, which isn't a criticism, it's just not as lively as my own putter.

IR: It was really consistent even for putts that didn't come out of the middle of the blade.

Will you be keeping it in the bag?

JG: I'd usually spend between £120-£160 on a new putter every few years. The O-Works might usually be over my radar, but having used them I'd be willing to be wowed even at £179. Yes, it's staying in the bag.

AB: I very rarely change my putter, but thanks to what I've got from the O-Works so far yes I'd pay the asking price. The #7 Tank has helped my confidence massively.

RB: £179 is quite steep for a putter; I'd usually look up to about £100. I don't think throwing money at a new putter is going to shave huge amounts of shots from my game, but I'd recommend the O-Works.

IR: Technology has come on since I last bought a new putter, so I'd be happy paying up to the £200 mark. It has not left my bag.