How can I tell if my grooves are worn out?


In our biggest questions answered series, we decided to find out just how you can tell when your grooves are worn out

“Watch for fliers,” says Scott Manwaring, Callaway’s Director of R&D, Irons and Hybrids. “Fliers are the best read since it removes the variability of the green and landing conditions. If you start to notice the ball is flying higher and longer, it could be a sign that the grooves are going.”

It could also be an indicator that they need a good clean. Just don’t be tempted to invest in one of those groove sharpening tools. “The negatives far outweigh the positives,” warns Manwaring.

“Firstly, it could cause the iron to prematurely rust, albeit this is dependent on the finish and metal type. Secondly, the tolerances on the USGA protocol are extremely tight and overuse could make the scorelines you record illegal.” 

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