How do I get over terrible shots?


Struggle to get over terrible shots? As part of our biggest questions answered series, we asked performance coach Karl Morris at how to deal with your emotions after a bad shot. 

Consistency has always been held as one of the key goals of golfing performance. But have you ever really asked yourself what consistency really means? I think most of us would have a vague notion of hitting a higher proportion of good shots and ruling out that card-ruining hook or slice.

But the fact is that no golfer is truly consistent. However good you think you are, you will never be able to rule out that horror shot. Golf doesn't work that way, and as humans neither do we. For a more useful relationship with consistency, adopt these two principles: 

Be consistent where you can be

Your pre-shot preparation – and your reaction to the shot – are two areas where consistency is achievable. Regular preparation lets you go into the shot in a frame of mind that is familiar and con dence- inducing, while committing to accept the result of the shot you hit will help you go into the next one in your best possible frame of mind.

Change your relationship to inconsistency

Accept bad shots as part of the game and they will have less effect on you and your performance. Chase consistent results and you will forever be burdened with the disappointment of unmet expectations.