How often should I replace my golf grips


Have you ever thought about how often you should replace your golf grips? 

Most of us are guilty of keeping the same grips for longer than we'd like to admit, but could that be negatively affecting our performance on the course? In our biggest questions answered series, we posed the question to Craig Watson from Golf Pride - just how often you should replace your grips? It turns out it's a lot more often than you would think! 

"At the start of every season," says Watson "After that point, they start getting shinier and rmer due to sweat and oils, the weather and where you keep them."

To prolong their life, Watson recommends scrubbing your grips once a month with a nailbrush and some soapy water.

"Pat them dry, rather than rub them, to keep that tacky texture, and then store them at room temperature (ideally in the house) rather than the car or garage. Your partner may not appreciate it, but your golf game certainly will!"

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