Playing lesson or range lesson – What’s better?


In our ‘golf’s biggest questions answered series’, we put the question to Henrik Stenson’s coach Pete Cowen – is a range lesson or a playing lesson better for your game?

Most of us would really only consider a lesson on the range, and a big part of that is because you always feel like you hit it better on the range. But according to Cowen, that’s probably not as effective for you. 

“Everyone says they hit it great on the range, but that’s because there is no consequence to hitting a poor shot,” says Cowen.

“On the course, it is a different story and this is why I believe playing lessons are the best way to highlight your flaws and work out how good you could be.”

“To really make the most of a playing lesson, ask your professional to caddie for you while you do the two-ball drill for nine holes. This format sees you take two shots off the tee and take your best one; two second shots and take the best one; and so on.”

“The idea behind this is not simply to practice the same shot twice; it is to see how well you could score if you actually focused properly on each shot.”

“In my experience, a good golfer can shoot five or six under for nine holes and a 15-handicapper can easily play to four or five over, which is great because it both gives you a taste of what you can do if you really focus and gives you something to aim for the next time you play in a bounce game or competition.” 

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