Should I use long irons or hybrids?


Should I really ditch long irons in favour of hybrids? We put this question to equipment expert Tom Wishon as part of our biggest questions answered series

Once upon a time, using hybrids was seen as a sign of weakness. Now, Tour pros are using them, and so should you.

“Even a golfer who plays off  five or six would be better off using hybrids that are made to iron length instead of any type of iron,” reveals equipment expert Tom Wishon. “This is primarily due to two reasons.”

“First, the centre of gravity is further back from the face and lower down in hybrids, making them easier to get into the air. Second, hybrid shafts tend to be more flexible than iron shafts and this allows players to generate a slightly higher flight.”

Don’t make the switch if you play on links courses, says Wishon

The only time Wishon would suggest doing otherwise is if you played most of your golf on a links course.

“If you are playing somewhere where the wind blows consistently, it would be wise to put your hybrids in the cupboard and use long irons to keep the ball lower,” he states.


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