What is the best pre-round practice drill?


What is the best pre-round practice drill? We asked top tour coach Pete Cowen as part of our biggest questions answered series

“If you are flexible enough to do it, then the wide stance drill is very, very good because it gets every muscle in your body working for golf,” says top tour coach Pete Cowen.

“Start by getting your feet as wide as you can without hurting your adductor muscles and bend forwards from the hip bone.”

“Next, lower your sternum and your arms, so your quad muscles are activated, and use your right shoulder to try and throw your right arm up into your top of backswing position. This move gets every muscle in your body working straight away.”

Henrik stenson and pete cowen

“From there, turn your right shoulder muscle and right hand back down as you would in your downswing.”

“Once you have set this move in motion, your right knee will go under your right hip, your right ankle will push off and you will stretch to a finish a bit like Greg Norman did in his Blood glucose levels can fall by up to 10% for the middle-aged and 30% for the elderly players after an 18-hole round.”


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